Saturday, November 28, 2009

Celebrity etiquette

Here in Vancity we see our fair share of celebrities wandering the streets. Lots of filming going on here, and a number of TV productions use Vancouver as the backdrop for Anywhere USA. With the exception of the stars of the Twilight Saga, most celebrities are able to navigate the streets of our fair city pretty much unscathed. I live right downtown and 2 blocks from one of the Hotels that is frequented by visiting Hollyweird type people so you would think I would see a ton right? Not so much.

Prolly because I am not paying attention, but it is not often that I see famous people out and about. I saw Joshua Jackson buying a Skytrain ticket about a month ago, and that was enough for the rest of they year! Love that he rides the Skytrain.

Nathan Fillion (star of Firefly, Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog and Castle) announced to his followers on Twitter that he is in Vancouver over the American Thanksgiving weekend. And I saw him in London Drugs today. Squeeeeee. Total fangirl moment. Not that I said anything to him. I actually started to sorta kinda follow him around the store, but then realised that was far too creepy and weird, so I went on my way.

For a shameless celebrity whore like me, you are probably rather shocked that I didn't say anything to him. And I have a couple of reasons why I have never approached a celebrity. One is that I can never think of anything witty to say. "Hi, I think your awesome... I loved you in X,Y or Z" just seems silly and trite and inconsequential to me. And then, by the time I think of the perfect memorable thing to say, the celebrity in question is long gone. Boo hiss to that. The other reason I keep my trap shut and just stealthily stalk from afar is because I think it is kind of rude to interrupt someone while they are doing their thing. I just can't reconcile myself with the idea that going up to a celebrity while they are on the street, in a store, at a gas station, in a restaurant, at the gym is okay. I know they say they don't mind, and I am sure that at least half of them actually don't, but I just find it kinda rude.

I realise this makes me a massive f*cking hypocrite. I have no problem whatsoever dissecting their lives in this wee blog, commenting on what they are wearing, who they are banging and every other aspect of their life. To give me a teeny tiny bit of credit, at least I don't post any images that are clearly taken with a super long lens. If it looks like the celebrity is inside a private residence or hotel, I won't post it. I think that is just a little odd and creepy and wrong.

So Nathan, if you are reading this.... Loved your hat. I think you are awesome, I loved you in Firefly, Dr Horrible, Buffy and am currently enjoying you on Castle. Oh and The Hammer is My Penis.


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