Monday, November 30, 2009

Music Monday: From my Keyboard to Your I-Pod

Greetings & salutations friends. I am feel just a little crappy today. Not quite sick, but feeling like it is about to happen any moment. Preemptive action was required. This involves bed, hot strong sweet tea and drugs. Wish me luck. Busy busy week at work, can't be sick. I am refusing to allow it to happen. I am blaming Paris Hilton. She was in Whistler over the weekend and apparently that was enough to make me sick. Bitch, really needs to stay the f*ck out of my country.

She also hugged one of the Olympic mascots. Anything bad that happens at the Olympics can now be blamed on Paris Hilton. I am serious. Already one of Canada's best hopes at a medal in skiing (I think, I don't know from sports) was injured on the weekend. Paris is to blame.
I bet Stephen Colbert sent her up here to f*ck our sh*t up.

Anyways, only a very quick post today. Music music music is my boyfriend and today I bring you two indie peeps that I love. They are playing at the Commodore next week and I have just decided that I must attend.

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. My friend Kent asked me how I had heard of these guys, and I have no f*cking idea. Maybe Grey's Anatomy? Cause even though the show sucks balls, they have good music. I just know they are awesome.

Brett Dennen..... he played with Missy Higgins a few years ago. Was supposed to see him at Bumbershoot in September, but the timing got all f*cked up and I couldn't swing it. Boo Hiss. Love him.

Love. Anyone else going next week? Then I have Gaga on Thursday. Very different styles I know. But that is how I roll.


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