Monday, November 9, 2009

Mark your Calendars: November 20th = Quiver Overload

In spite of the many posts on this here wee blog fawning over all things Twilight Saga related (& the self-imposed round of self-loathing for said fawning), this is not a post about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or the movie. That is the next post. Ha!

It is just a happy coincidence that on the same day that The Twilight Saga: New Moon is released to the crazy masses, we get our first glimpse of James Franco on General Hospital. Sigh. The speculation about why James - an actor that is universally acknowledged does not *need* to lower himself to be on a Soap - has not abated since the announcement came out a month or so ago. There has been no official word from anyone in Franco's camp and the powers that be from ABC are also keeping relatively quiet.

James began filming his 2 month arc at the end of last month, and a few photos have made their way to the interwebs. The whole "Franco" sign is kinda silly and I hope doesn't irritate me to much. But I am already kinda happy to see he is in at least one scene with mob-boss Sonny Corenthos (Maurice Bernard). James looks decidedly soapstud like in these pictures no? Soapstud, with just a hint of the crazy. Hello salty goodness!

The speculation has begun as to who he will be playing, and more importantly whether the dreamed for hawt off between him and Steve Burton will actually take place. I would settle for a Franco-Jackson hawt off as well. Jonathan Jackson has just returned to GH as Lucky Spencer - a role he originated many many years ago. I had forgot exactly how adorable he was. Love him. Glad he is back.

As to deducing from a few photo's the entire storyline for Jame's "mystery" character, my only assumption is that the faceless mystery dude currently obsessed with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will turn out to be Franco. Nice touch GH, having American Idol superstar Adam Lambert's Mad World as this mystery nemesis' theme song.

I am very much looking forward to November 20th. James Franco in the morning and a nice dose of Edward Cullen in the afternoon......New Moon matinee. Already have my tickets. Do not judge me. I don't know if my loins will be able to handle it.


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