Wednesday, November 4, 2009

East Coast Escapades - Part One - Boston Bound!

I love Vancity. I don't think I could live anywhere else on this planet - trees and mountains and water and it is just so damn pretty here. Love it.

But New York and Boston are super cool cities in their own rights and if I had to pick, I could prolly live in either of these cities.....Any city whose State Building has a "General Hooker Entrance" is fine in my book! I wonder where the special hookers go inside?

First up on my much anticipated and much needed vacation, off I went to Boston to visit my friends Karin & Deb. After almost 24 hours of traveling - bus to the ghetto Amtrak station in Seattle, bus to Seatac, wait wait wait, flight to Newark, wait wait wait, flight to Boston - then Karin!! Yay.

Beantown was low key. Low key and fantastic. Lots of wine. Lots of catching up with friends. Lots of "leaf-peeping". Yes, we drove through a about three states and looked at pretty pretty leaves. Sigh. I am actually that dull. On this same road trip we also went to a Shaker Village - Shakers are kinda like Quakers - but they have NO SEX. None. I am not really surprised that they are no longer around - what with the complete and total celibacy and all. I wonder, can you be a Shaker by default?

I had clam chowder for the very first time and it wasn't horrific. It was actually pretty tasty. When in New England right? One day I will explain my very deep and profound dislike of Clamato...... shudder. Another time..... We were in Ogunquit, Maine where the coast was spectacular, the waves were wild and beautiful and I am still slightly convinced that Dirty Dancing was filmed there. Fun fun fun road trip. Saw a fox. An actual fox getting totally stared down by the most bad ass domestic cat I have ever encountered - with the exception of my Bourbon who once growled at a deer outside of our house.

We also went and saw one of the more interesting live acts I have seen. Have you heard of Daniel Johnston? He is a very well respected, singer, song-writer, artist type from Texas. He also looks like a homeless person, started to sing the same song twice, is totally and completely awkward and shy on stage and doesn't even have what one would traditionally call a good voice......but he was awesome. Kind of like Bob Dylan. Very much like Dylan in fact. Impressive concert. There was a documentary made about him in 2005 called The Devil & Daniel Johnston that won a directing award at Sundance. I am gonna track it down and see it very soon. This man has such an interesting story and I am intrigued by him.
Oh and I also ran into Ben Affleck at Harvard. He is directing and apparently starring in a movie called The Town. While in Boston, I had been hoping to rescue Katie Holmes and Suri from a life of Scientology, but sadly there were no adorable robot baby sightings. Only seemingly normal Ben Affleck, sans wife and kids. Not exactly sure what the scene was, something about kids skateboarding......Pfft... who cares. It was cute Ben and he totally and completely looked at me. Squee!

Harvard is pretty amazing. So beautiful. If I had gone there instead of where I went I think my life would have been a tad different. Harvard evokes images of walking around campus crunching leaves under your feet, falling asleep in the library surrounded by a pile of leaves, spirited discussions about philosophy or politics or important social issues. Big learning. But no. I went to a school where actual crazy people wandered the campus and on your birthday they (friends, who may or may not have also been crazy) would honour your special day by hunting you down and tossing you in the moat that was inhabited by ducks that had syphilis. Oh the memories....
On that note.... I am feeling a little shady. Start of a sore throat, hot and cold flashes and my head is foggy. If I get the Swine Flu, I am gonna be so f*cking pissed. Boo fucking Hiss
Boston = Great times, greater friends. Very sad to leave........ Next stop was my secret love - NYC. Stay tuned.

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