Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fashion Fabulosity a la Kristen Stewart

When a movie opens, even a movie that is pretty much guaranteed to be a blockbuster, there are normally two or three big red carpet premier's scattered throughout the world. But for The Twilight Saga: New Moon it has been taken to the next level. Hell, it has been taken to the next stratosphere!! I honestly cannot recall there being "fan events" attended by upwards of 20,000 screaming fans for any other movie franchise. Even Harry Potter did not receive this level of craziness. Photo calls, press conferences, red carpets, musical performances by bands from the soundtrack, autograph sessions. Complete and utter controlled insanity - all to promote a movie that really doesn't need promoting.

And in attendance at all of these events the ridiculously titled "Twilight Trinity" of Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Srsly, Twilight Trinity? Ugh. Whoever came up with that moniker deserves a good thrashing. Tagging along for the ride, but getting a lot of love also is the movies director Chris Weitz. But it is pretty much all about Rob, Kristen and Taylor. They have been earning their paychecks this week. Smiling for the fans, signing thousands of autographs, answering the same questions, smiling for the photogs, standing there - smiling - listening to the always boils down to the screaming.

The lead cast have been to London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and prolly a few places I have forgotten about. And with few exceptions Kristen Stewart has looked phe.nom.inal at every event. I am not a fan of the white jeans in the top photo and the cream Paris outfit would have looked a lot better if she had gone with a pop of colour in the shoes... but small things. Overall her styling has been impeccable. Fashion forward, edgy, polished. But it seems to be staying true to her own style. Love love love for Kristen this press tour. Her reign as my ultimate girl crush remains firmly intact.

My personal faves have been the grey and black peek-a-boo Balenciaga ensemble from Madrid (above) - super sexy, with the sheer panels on the skirt and the top. A little challenging to wear I suspect as the photogs are looking to get shots from every angle and that could be somewhat unintentionally revealing. This dress is like a naughty school-girl outfit designed by Sid Vicious. Love it. And even when she is just going out for dinner (in jeans below) she looks awesome....

I also loved the London outfit - the bright flirty and fun Proenza Schouler below. Amazingness again. I know that a lot of her fashion choices have been panned by the blogs - or at least the people commenting on the blogs. Whatever. These are also the same people who find Robert's homeless person look charming and adorable. Am I the only one who is completely over this bedraggled, unshaven, I don't give a crap look? This is the red carpet. Not the just crawled out of bed, can't be shagged putting on a decent outfit carpet. Even Taylor Lautner has the class to shave and throw on a decent outfit. Not saying that Rob needs to throw on a suit - but come on...... a t-shirt? And could you maybe try and look like you have showered over the past few days?

Kristen seems as if she is a completely different person from last years junket. Nearly every interviewer has commented on the fact that she seems more comfortable being involved in the juggernaut that is the Twilight franchise. She is confident and poised when answering the same question repeatedly and is a lot more articulate in expressing her feelings for the film and her character.

I honestly think that she knows her character better than any of the other cast. She seems to have thought about it intently and gives thoughtful, sincere answers about Bella's motivation and the other characters. Rob as always is charming and self-deprecating... but this is also something I am kind of over just a little. At least Rob is still pretty! Taylor is confident in his answers, but over enunciates to the point that I want to stab myself with something sharp and pointy.

There will always be those who feel that Kristen is an ungrateful brat. That all she does is itch and moan about the perils of fame and the fact that she can't go anywhere without being followed by the evil photogs. But what these people fail to realise or acknowledge is that Kristen isn't spontaneously harping on her lack of privacy or the paparazzi following her everywhere. Every single interview asks her about how her life has changed since the release of Twilight. If she were to say her life hadn't changed, she would be accused of being insincere and a liar. When she is asked the questions, she answers. Honestly and probably a little more bluntly than her publicist would like. Her honesty and bluntness are always going to get her into trouble with some people.
This week is going to get pretty crazy with New Moon mania. The entire cast is reuniting in LA for yet another premier. Apparently people have been lined up since Thursday. Cray-zee! Do these people not have jobs? Children? Spouses? Umm Dare I say, lives? Ya know what? Whatever floats their boat I guess! And who am I to talk. I am taking a day off work on Friday... ostensibly because I have personal time to use before the end of the year. But in reality, it is to see a matinee of New Moon. Heh!

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