Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cop Convicted in SJP Surrogate Theft - yes, a Cop!

Since the birth in late June, and the release of one family photo a week later, we have seen very little of Marion & Tabitha Broderick - twin daughters of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, born via a surrogate. The family have kept a very low profile, which is pretty surprising considering Sarah has been hard at work filming the Sex & The City 2 sequel for the past few months. Good for them! Although, if I am honest with ya'll I would secretly really like to see a new batch of photos of these budding fashionista's.

The family was back in the press late yesterday with news out of Ohio of a conviction in the theft case surrounding the surrogate mother of the girls. Police Chief (yes, Police Chief) Barry Carpenter was found guilty of three of the six charges he was accused of - receiving stolen property, tampering with evidence and theft in office.

Apparently Police Chief Barry Carpenter, along with Police Chief Chad Dojack - who goes on trial in January - met with "freelance photographers" offering ultrasound pictures, photos, legal documents about the surrogacy agreement and other items. By "freelance photographers" I am assuming they mean paparazzi..... How heinous is that? Carpenter claims that the conversations with the photographers were a joke, and that he only entered the house of Ross when he noticed a door ajar. BULLS*IT.
Holy mother f*ckers. Is anyone else totally and completely creeped out by this whole situation. I know that not all police are exactly ethical - or moral for that matter (a vast majority are I am sure), this is just beyond horrible. To break into a pregnant woman's house and steal ultrasound images that you are planning on selling to the highest bidder? This just makes me cringe. It would be horrible if a regular dirtbag did it, but for someone whose job it is to uphold and enforce the law? Asshole. Special place in hell for people like this.
There are no words for what I hope happens to this guy in prison. But let me just say that I hope his cellmate wanted to "Save Ferris" at some point in his life.

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