Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon Premier

Have your ears stopped ringing yet? Mine haven't and I live thousands of kilometres away from Hollyweird. Monday night was the much anticipated official World Premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Twi-hards came from far and wide, camping for days all to catch a glimpse of the cast. Summit also streamed the entire premiere through MySpace. Insanity. The three leads all arrived separately and I do not recall seeing any photos of Rob and Kristen together. No desire to feed the incessant and all encompassing rumour mill about the status of their relationship. Smart kids. Or should I say, smart Summit.

Kristen seems to have lost some of her edge for the premier. The dress is actually pretty enough, her hair and make up are spot on. She does look beautiful. But she doesn't look like Kristen Stewart. No real edge. Nothing of the rad cool chick that doesn't give a shit about what she wears or what you think about what she is wearing.
It actually looks like something you would wear to a friend's Debutante Ball. I know you may find this shocking and even a little bit amazing, but this cynical bitch was presented to society when she was a wee young thing. It was through my Church (another shock I know). Do not judge me. We all did it. It was an excuse to get dressed up and party. They put wine on all of our tables. We were 16 years old. Whatever, I don't have to explain myself to you. It was quite the memorable night - from the teeny tiny bit I can recall and what friends filled in for me later. I didn't get along with my partner, my hair looked like complete ass after about an hour (stupid cheap hair dresser), on the way to the afterparty I had to sit in the front seat of the limo next to the driver as the back was full, At the afterparty - which was at the house of someone I wasn't really friends with, I managed to get into a screaming match with my best friends, and then I proceeded to puke *all* over the bathroom. Classy classy classy. Oh and my wonderful mother still has a picture of me in my f*cking white satin & lace sweetheart neck lined dress on display in her living room. Thanks mom!

Anyways, that is the vibe Kristen's dress was giving me. Debutante Ball at Camberwell City Hall. She could do so much better. All of her red carpet outfits thus far have been impeccable. Even on Conan earlier that day, she looked like herself. Messy hair, a hand drawn tatoo on her wrist (mocking those idiot who have twilight tatoo's perhaps?), cool dress. But Oscar de La Renta gown was not Kristen to me. Even she didn't look comfortable in it and she apparently changed into jeans and a t-shirt as soon as the photog line was done. The man of the hour - Robert Pattinson - finally heard all of our pleas and threw on a suit. Still wish he had shaved, but I will take what I can get. Taylor blinded everyone with his smile and I am sure that he continued his tradition of over enunciating every word. I appreciate good diction as much as the next slightly neurotic person, but come on........

Big ups to Dakota Fanning and Anna Kendrick. Best dressed of the night for me. Loved Dakota's entire look. Age appropriate (ehm... Miley Cyrus you should be studying this young girl to see how to transition from child to actual star in Hollyweird). Her shoes were dope. For Anna Kendrick, the New Moon premiere is probably pretty low key for her. I mean this is a girl who very shortly will be walking the carpet for Up in the Air with George mother-f*cking Clooney and Jason fricking Bateman. That one shouldered black sparkly number... super hot. Hair - awesome. Make-up & styling - flawless. Loved it. Honorable mentions to Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed.

Ashley Greene appeared to be going for the Miss Teen "Milking my 15 minutes for as much as I can" look. Hated her dress. Dull. Just because it is red and slinky does not make it right. It was a bad prom dress. The hair was also bad bad bad. And I don't get it. Ashley is stunning. Such a pretty face! And her body is sick. She has the potential to look amazing. Sadly, Ms Greene always looks like she is trying so hard to be the Belle(a) of the Ball. Something she is not. And will never be. But, ya know what? Props to Ashley Greene. Out of all of the second string Twilight cast, Ashley is working the hardest to make this last. Apparently she has been working pretty steadily on no less than 4 projects since the start of Twilight... strange that the only press I have seen about her is whe n she was making out with Chase Crawford and/or the opening or celebration of anything she is invited to.

And what is there to say about Stephanie Meyer. That dress pretty much defies description. Too tight. Ugly. Completely wrong for anyone to be seen in public in. I am sorry. But the woman has more money than she can spend in a lifetime and this is the best she can come up with? I know she is an author not an actress, but she is a celebrity. Girlfriend needs a stylist...stat. Maybe one of her fans designed it and sent it to her? Ha!


  1. Agree with everything you wrote :) oh and by the way Jacksone Rathbone looks super hot

  2. oops I mean Jackson not Jacksone ;)