Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's the Emmy's!

I am obsessed with Award shows. I would consider myself an Award Show junkie. Grammy's, Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG's, Independent Spirit Awards, even the MTV awards. I have even been known to look in on some Country Music Award shows (at last count, I think there are around 5 different Country Music Award shows.....). The one Ceremony I do draw the line at is the People's Choice. Those ones are totally lame.

Last night the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out in Hollyweird. Hosted by the amazing, talented and devilishly handsome Neal Patrick Harris, who ensured that there were no Kanye moments and that they only went about 15 minutes over schedule (which I think could be a record for awards shows.) I love NPH. He needs to be my BFF. Srsly. He did an awesome job. I mean, it's an awards show - it too f*cking long, the viewing public doesn't give a crap about 75% of the awards, and because it is not MTV, everyone is super nice and non-bitchy. Which makes them pretty snoozeworthy. So for NPH to inject some humour, singing, dancing and Dr Horrible into the Ceremony without turning the whole thing into a total cheese-fest is awesome.

The Red Carpet was relatively uneventful. Some standouts - Sandra Oh & the always fantastic Dana Delaney are getting special props from me. Do you remember China Beach? I loved that show, she was outstanding in that show. I wonder if it is out on DVD? If not, it should be. I didn't see any of the other Housewives on the Carpet. I wasn't aware that Teri Hatcher had heard of a Red Carpet that she didn't like prancing down?
Hands down best dressed of the night for me was the phenomenal January Jones from Mad Men. She knows how to dress for the Red Carpet. Holy f*ck balls. She looks flawless. There are no words for how amazing she looked. Everything was perfect.

I am a big Seth Green fan (on the right). He was Oz on Buffy. He is also the co-creator of Robot Chicken. And he is the voice of Chris Griffin on the Emmy nominated Family Guy. But that chick he brought with him to the ceremony? Ummm. yea. She may be super nice, but she needs to STFU on the Carpet, because - no one cares what she has to say. Especially when she bitches on National Television that Seth should have grabbed her more swag from the gifting tents. Srsly? Sit the f*ck down my friend. People are getting laid off, the economy still sucks and you are bitching that you boyfriend didn't get you a free Beatles Rockband. Shut the hell up. Count yourself lucky you even got some airtime. How many other nobody "plus-ones" got on air? Ugh. And I don't care if she was joking. Seth, you can do better.

If you can tear yourself away from Blake Lively's impressive cleavage for just one second, check out her upper thigh. There is a teeny tiny little thread there, keeping her dress from flying open and showing us if she is going commando. I hadn't realised that such threads existed. If she did not have a ratty horses tail sticking out of the back of her head I would say she is definitely one of the best dressed of the night. Blake knows how to dress to best enhance her not inconsiderable assets, - the dress fits perfectly, her makeup is flawless, but that hair. Ugh. And I really don't want to even comment on Leighton Meester's dress. Chuck Bass would not approve

The big upset of the evening was apparently Jon Cryer's Best Supporting Actor win. Many thought it would be host NPH's night or one of the boys from 30 Rock. I do not watch "Two and a Half Men" - but it apparently the most watched comedy on the air at the moment. NPH will get his Emmy love. I am pretty confident in that. His portrayal of womaniser Barney on "How I Met Your Mother" is nothing short of genius. I think this year, with his relationship with Robin (Colbie Smulders) being explored (I hope....), this could give him some great material.
Another upset was Best Supporting Actress winner Kristin Chenowith - not only because she won for a show (Pushing Daisies) that was cancelled almost a year ago. Suck it losers that decided to cancel such a good show! Chenowith's speech was hysterical - rattling off the shows she would like to work on. I am sure she will not have any trouble finding work. I have a theory that the voting members of the Academy may be reluctant to give an award to someone on a variety show like SNL - why I don't know, but that is my theory as to why front runners Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler did not take home the statuettes.

Best part of the telecast hands down was the hijacking by Dr Horrible. Makes me clap my hands and squee every time I watch it. Which I have a few times already...... When is the sequel coming dammit. Second best was when Brendan Gleason won for some mini-series he was in. Mad-Eye F*cking Mooney won an Emmy yo! I don't want him to die in the next movie..... that will be sad.

The Emmys were a million times better than last years telecast. And yes I realise that is not saying that much. 30 Rock and Mad Men deservedly picked up the biggest awards of the night as Best Comedy and Drama respectively. For a complete list of winners click here.

NPH should be the host of every award show. Even the really crappy ones like Ms Universe and the BET Awards. He is Legend....wait for it....ary.


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