Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buffy had a baby girl!

It seems like Sarah Michelle Gellar has been pregnant forever doesn't it? Hard to believe that it was only April when Buffy the Vampire Slayer announced that she was knocked up with her first child. And then we had to contend with many many photos, scrutinising every angle, trying to figure out how far along she was. I had a feeling it was an any day now kind of thing.

After being spotted out and about late last week attending her regular Pilates class, SMG snuck off to hospital on Saturday and finally had her little bundle of joy. People magazine is reporting that Sarah Michelle and husband Freddie Prinze welcomed daughter Charlotte Grace on Saturday. "The family is over the moon" said a representative for SMG.

Love the name. Not that I have a problem with some of the more wacky celebrispawn names out there.... Sparrow, Suri, Bronx, Kingston etc. It is just that Charlotte Grace is such a classic, beautiful and classy name! Well played Buffy (Sarah), well played!!

This is a notoriously press-shy couple. I am not sure if we will see baby Charlotte Grace out and about any time soon. Maybe they will release a family image to stave off the prying photogs. I hope so!

Congrats and much love go out to the Prinze family (Sarah Michelle changed her name to Prinze a little while ago, but I can't give up the Gellar - she will always be SMG to me)

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  1. ok, knocked up seriously. thats just not professional at all. and its really really rude. she didnt get knocked up. she got pregnant with her husband.