Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carrie Bradshaw is back!

And we barely had a chance to miss her.
Capitalising on the success of last years smash hit, production began today in NYC for Sex & The City 2.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth were snapped on the streets of New York, reprising their roles as the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw and her new husband, the dreamy Mr Big. Apparently the rest of the girls have not began filming yet. Love Carries outfit. Her hands are kinda scary though...... I don't wanna say Madonna like, but if the wrinkly old man hands fit??

Now, I love me some SATC. I truly truly do. I have all six seasons on DVD, I did the bus tour when I was in NYC last year, half of my photos from that trip have a relationship to the show, I even snuck under the chain at "the" stoop and snuck a photo.

But I gotta say, I kinda loved how Season 6 ended. When the movie came out, I grudgingly jumped on the bandwagon, and got on board with that as well. I grew to like how it ended. Now, Darren Star, again? I have to swallow whatever story you have dreamed up to continue the story of these four friends...... Third time had better be a f*cking charm. This story and script had better not suck balls. That's all I am saying.
I think I am putting you on notice Darren Star. Don't f*ck this up my friend. Please don't f*ck this up.

PS: The photo's above are the infamous "Friar F*ck Church", the Stoop, and the New York Public Library where Carrie almost got married to Big. I have tons more, let me know if you wanna see them ;)

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