Monday, September 14, 2009

OMG! Bella cut her hair?

Over the weekend, the three stars of the Twilight Saga (and 2nd stringer Ashley Greene) made a quick trip to NYC for the MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) were on hand to present a brand spanking new trailer for The Twilight Saga - New Moon. 90% of said trailer had already been leaked online and I had already given it an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Honestly, this 2 minute trailer for New Moon > the whole Twilight movie..... Srsly. The effects, the styling, the make-up, the lighting (good-bye budget blue tint!)....all of it is looking far superior to Twilight. We got a better look at the Volturi.... scary! And more of the werewolves.... I really wish Laurent didn't have to die :(

I hate to diss Catherine Hardwicke's skill as a director, cause in spite of what I wrote above, I did like Twilight, and loved Thirteen. But Chris Weitz seems to have be making/have made a much more mature movie, and seems to have taken the whole process a lot more seriously than Harwicke. I guess that is a lot easier with a budget that is double that of Twilight though right?

More more importantly, what can we glean from the photos of Rob & Kristen at the Award show. Neither of them walked the Red Carpet. I don't believe there were any shots of them during the ceremonies - were they even in the audience? Let us dissect a few photos and jump to conclusions based on a single piece of celluloid! That is one of my favourite games.

His arm around her totally confirms they are shagging right? She does have her hand inside his jacket at one point. OMG they are practically undressing each other in front of the photogs! And more importantly in front of young impressionable Taylor! How shocking.

Look at the way she is looking up at him. Total lust in her eyes right? Like she can't wait to get him in the backseat of the limo and rip his clothes off ...... crap, maybe that is just what I wanna do? Okay, I have to crush on my girl Kristen for a second. She looks so amazing. Love the dress and the hair and the whole look. Oh, her hair is pinned up, not cut. She also seems a whole lot more comfortable with the whole twi-hard insanity. I don't think I heard an "um" in there anywhere! She looks fantastic. Why would anyone be surprised if Rob wants her? He's hawt, she's hawt. Shag away young kids, shag away!

Young Mr Lautner seems to have stepped up his posing. No more blinding white teeth. Which is a good thing in my opinion. Cocky tilt of his head. He totally thinks he is the sh*t. Some would say he looks all dark and mysterious and sexy.... I would never say that, because, for reasons I have explained repeatedly my answer to the hawtness of Taylor Lautner is and will always be.... a world of no.

Ashley's gig on the carpet made me totally flashback to little high school. Her outfit was alright. Shoes = good. Dress = okay. Hair and make-up = not so much. Maybe when she gets back to Vancity, I will ask to borrow her bump-its! She is such a pretty pretty thing, why does she do this to herself? And her "job" as a "style correspondent" for MTV. Sigh. Girlfriend really want to milk everything she can from her Twilight experience doesn't she? Is there any red carpet she is not willing to appear on? I get that she is young and was probably nervous to be interviewing celebrities like J-Lo. But did it not sound like she was a journalism student interviewing the popular kids?
The cast booted it before the ceremony was even over. Overnight flight back to Vancity to continue work on Eclipse. Can you imagine - flying to New York for a 30 second on air appearance and then flying back? Jeez.


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