Friday, September 4, 2009

"Bad Seed" stirring shizz up on The Hills

At the end of it's last season, I had decided that faux reality MTV show "The Hills" was going to be tossed onto the trash-heap of shows that I no longer wasted my time on. Lauren Conrad was pretty much the only sane person on the show in my opinion, and with her leaving I assumed that would mean we would be subjected to the contrived, ridiculous antics of Heidi and Spencer and the lame attempts by Audrina and Stephanie Pratt to increase their air-time on the show.

Then it was announced that Laguna Beach bad girl Kristin Cavallari had deigned to return to the MTV fold after her attempts at an actual acting career were not going as she had planned. Kristen knows why she was hired - because she has a reputation for stirring up trouble where ever she goes and she seems quite happy to live up to this.

Don't you just love it? And hate yourself for loving it? I know I do! None of them even bother arguing that it is an actual reality show anymore. Cause they knew they were not fooling any of us! Clearly Heidi and Spencer are going to continue with their contrived and ridiculous antics. I am certain that Audrina, Stephanie and now apparently Heidi Montag will be trying super hard not to be as irrelevant as ever. And Jayde's face will still scare me just a little. Aside from the return of Kristen, the only other redeeming quality of this season is that the fabulous Lo is still on the show. Although I really kinda wish she wasn't. Lo my girl, you are so much better than The Hills. I hope you know that.

I know that this show is bullsh*t. I know that it is staged and "scripted" and is not reality. But it is so much fun to watch. I can't stop myself from watching. I know I will be watching, Monday nights on MTV Canada at 7.00 or 10.00pm. September 27th..... "The B*tch is back"

Team Kristen till the end.... you?


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