Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Twi-hards have a new rallying cry

I think we all know that fans of the Twilight franchise are an imaginative bunch. They have their petitions, the fantastically smutty fan-fiction, their conventions, their teams (Edward, Jacob and Switzerland), and their uncanny ability to know more about the filming schedule than some of the crew...... But this, this is something the likes of which I have never seen before.

I will let this speak, or sing, for itself. Total and complete credit for this goes to the good (and some may say batty) folks at "Letters to Rob". hey alone deserve full credit for this gem, which doesn't quite rival the tattoos, but is honestly one of the most special things I have seen regarding Twilight. Now I know that this is a joke, well I hope like heck it is a joke, but it is definitely worth sharing with y'all.

Remember that song "We are the World".... well sing out loud and strong my friends......
We are the Rob

There comes a time when we feel the Twilight call
When the Fandom must come together as one
There are fangirls crying
Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to Rob
The greatest Vampire of all

We can’t go on fighting day by day
Hoping Robsten and Nonsten will soon make a change
We’re all a part of Steph’s great Twi family
And the truth
You know Rob is all we need

( CHORUS #1 )
We are the Rob, we are the fandom
We are the fans who make a plaid-er day so let’s keep Tweeting
There are pics to post now, we’re saving in our files
There’s a Twicon comin’ to town, so why dont we meet?

We’ll, send’em some beer so they know the fandom cares
And their Tweets will be drunker and free
As Rob has shown us, by getting trashed at night
and so the dumpster is where we shall meet

( CHORUS #2 )
We live for Rob, we want to lick him
We are the ones who quote his words with grace, so shut-up-in-yo-face
Rob’s a force we’re fighting, sometimes we get hormonal
but we keep on lovin’ his face cause “that’s normal”

When your clothes are dirty, and you have nothing clean at all
you can do just like Rob, and on your friends you can call
Well, well, well, when you realize that you can borrow the “Patty Pants”
They’re elastic: we can wear them together as one

OMFG is this not the most amazing thing you have heard all week? And I think they have a plan to make their own music video for this song. Love it.
Awesomeness thy name is Letters to Rob. I bow down to your awesomeness.

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