Thursday, September 17, 2009

Katherine Heigl adopts a baby!

I have said it before - Katherine Heigl irritates me just a little. I have no problem with her speaking her mind, even when she corrected the person who had just mispronounced her name when announcing her Emmy win a few years ago. I mean, I get really peeved if people call me Susan instead of Suzanne. So I guess I understand that. I also appreciated how she stood up for bestie TR Knight with the whole Isiah Washington situation. I am a big believer is doing what you gotta do for your peeps!

It was the whole public statement about her belief that she was not given the material so she was withdrawing her name from Emmy consideration the following year bulls*hit (neglecting to clarify that she had asked for a lighter storyline to accommodate her burgeoning movie career). Followed by her ridiculous complaint on national television that she had to work a 17 hour day on Grey's Anatomy (failing to mention that the long day was to accommodate the very press tour she was on).

I think that was when I started to think she was pretty much a Diva (and not an Aretha Franklin R.E.S.P.E.C.T diva) and a f*cking ungrateful one at that.

I am not going to forget that she is a rude, entitled Princess, but I can gush just a little over these adorable photos of Katherine, husband Josh Kelly and newly adopted daughter Nancy Lee, nickname Naleigh. She announced just last week on Ellen DeGeneres' show that they were adopting a 10 month old daughter from Korea. These photos were released on the "Jason Heigl Foundation" website and they are super cute. Look at those chubby little arms. OMG! So adorable. My cold blackened heart is thawing, just for a few minute.

They already look like such a happy family. Although Katherine is an uber- brat, I am sure she will be a great mother. I truly wish them much happiness. Maybe Naleigh will make her realise how incredibly fortunate she actually is to be living such a privileged life. Maybe she will stop being such an asshole. I hope so.


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