Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Larry King versus Chris Brown

Did you watch? Did you see him sit there in his fu*king powder blue sweater and bow-tie & take NO responsibility for what he did? Did you see him question the authenticity of that photo? Did you see him claim no knowledge of the previous violent encounters? Did you see him be more concerned about his career than what he did? Did you see him hide behind "protecting Rhianna's privacy" so he didn't have to answer any of the questions lobbed at him by Larry King? Did you hear him say that his "faux-pology" was from the heart and was written by him?

Or like me, did you spend the hour drinking wine and yelling BULLS*IT at the television. At least I didn't throw anything at it right? I went in with a somewhat open mind. I was willing to listen to what he had to say.....

But that whole hour was BULLS*IT. Am I surprised? Not so much. It would have been nice if he had said something, anything worth repeating. He said nothing redeeming. NOTHING that makes me think he is in anyway sorry for what he did.

The only plus side to this useless hour of television is that I have found my dream lawyer. Mark Geragos is f*cking awesome. He is a total douche, but he is an outstanding attorney. If I ever need one, please put together a collection so I can hire Mark Geragos. Cause he is one slick son of a bitch.

Some of the key things that were said in this "interview"

When Chris saw the horrific photo of Rhianna, he did not think about what an f*cking c*nt he was for doing that to her. He wondered if the image was doctored by TMZ. Srsly.

When he was riding around on a jet-ski at Diddy's only a week or so after he beat the crap out of his girlfriend, we should have left him alone to "re-bond" with the person he beat the crap out of and not been all judgy. Shut the F*ck up little boy.

When given his sentence of hard labour, Chris wondered why he wasn't able to use his celebrity status to truly make a difference in people's lives. Sigh. Chris honey, if you wanted to do that, you would give an honest explanation for what happened and take some f*cking responsibility for what you did.

Chris is not focusing on girls right now, he is focusing on his career. Hmmm maybe you should focus on the fact that you beat the crap out of your girlfriend instead of your career? Maybe you should lay low and try and figure out why you beat the crap out of your girlfriend?

Apparently I am not entitled to have opinion on what he did or him in general. I guess I would be considered a "hater" and according to Chris I should just not buy his music, rather than have an opinion. Umm, you know that free speech thing people in America love talking about. I think it is an amendment or something. Suck it little boy, until you do something that does not deserve my derision, I will continue to say whatever the f*ck I want. Do something good or repentant and I will mention that also.

Chris has never ever been a violent person? I'm sorry, but how does that change what happened or what you did? I am pretty sure that Scott Peterson wasn't violent until he killed his wife and unborn child.

And my personal favourite - that no one taught Chris and Rhianna how to love. I actually have no comeback for this. I think it's stupidity speaks for itself.

I will say again, I hope that he never lays a finger on a woman again. I really hope he can change and be a better person. But this interview was bullsh*t. It was a complete waste of everyone's time. He did nothing to redeem himself in my eyes. I will say this though, Larry did better than I thought. He at least asked a few tough questions. It is just a shame that Chris Brown didn't have the balls to answer them.


PS: This is a wine clouded post..... lots of curse words I know. I even pulled out the c-word. Meh. Some things are deserving of the word c*nt.

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