Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Moon Posters & Eclipse Posers

Twi-hards everywhere are torn. On the one hand they want to squeal with excitement that three brand spanking new posters from The Twilight Saga - New Moon have been released. On the other hand, they are picking apart every aspect of the pictures judging and criticising and taking it all far too seriously.

OMG - I can't believe Jacob isn't in the first poster. How could they do that? The whole movie is ruined. Exclamation Point!

OMG can you believe how completely and totally unscary the Volturi look? And don't even get me started on Jane's blond hair. In the bible (sorry, the book) she had brown hair. Why didn't they make Dakota put on a wig. The movie is ruined. Exclamation Point! Underline! Exclamation Point!

OMG finally Rosalie looks halfway pretty, but can you believe how bad Alice looks. God they should have cast Actress X, Y or Z in this role. She is totally going to ruin the movie.

What is up with Edward & Bella - that looks more like an Eclipse embrace not a New Moon embrace. Stupid Summit! When will they learn to consult each and every fan before they do anything as important as print a poster. Maybe we should start a petition. I'll get the Edward and Bella Stationary. Be right back, okay?

Maybe I am exaggerating just a titch, but honest to Betsy at least half of the statements above were written today about a couple of posters. Ugh. It is a movie poster kids. Deal with it.

I like them.
I am feeling a tad anti Twi-hard right now. It's kinda strange. I have always been on the Twi-hards are not as crazy as everyone thinks bandwagon since the beginning of all this. And I still am - for the most part. There are just a couple of things that have been on my mind that I think it is time to let it all out.
What I find so interesting - and at the same time completely infuriating - in all of the frenzy about Twilight and it's stars is that the uber fans (who may or may not be certifiable) have no problem heaping vitriol on the Photogs, but they think it is perfectly okay for them to interrupt someone while they are eating, shopping or generally trying to have some semblance of a normal life. You know the photogs can't go into a restaurant or stores to hassle these kids right? That they would be kicked out immediately if they tried to interrupt them?

Go to the set. hang out there forever. Stalk the f*cking set. But when these people whom you all so desperately try to protect from the paparazzi are trying to have dinner, how about you try leaving them the f*ck alone. Especially if you have already had your photo taken with them. How many photos do you need of yourself with Kellan Lutz?

I hear your retorts: Oh they don't mind. Oh I am respectful of them. Oh I am not like one of the dirty paps. Pfft. Whatever gets you through the night sweetheart! Just because you are not getting paid for these photos does not make what you are doing any more morally acceptable.

Of course they say they don't mind - they are actors. It is their job to not mind. You are the reason they are famous. I get that. And I am sure they completely appreciate the fandom. But don't you think it would be nice, for once, for them to be able to enjoy a meal without someone going up to them? Don't you think it would be respectful to not go to a restaurant that you know they go to? Wouldn't it be swell to let them have some privacy while they are here. Especially since most of you are all so "down with the Paps"

Just to clarify, it is not just the photogs in Vancity numbers that have increased during the filming of Eclipse. It is also the number of regular folks who are stalking not only the sets, but also the places they think the cast will be. And it is this combination that is making the experience of filming Eclipse a lot harder for the cast - particularly Rob and Kristen. I mean, they are both virtual prisoners in their hotels. And you wonder why?

I really don't know why I felt the need to vent this. And I know, only about 4 people read this, so I am not that concerned about the hate from the very twi-hards that I am writing about. I am sure you are all very nice people. I am sure you are not at all crazy.


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