Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Shows?!?! Part One.....

I have this rule that I impose upon myself every September. And that rule is very simple - 2 shows.

When the networks announce their Fall line-ups and try to entice me with their clever promotions, hawt casts and promises of shocking! sexy! dramatic! Unlike anything you have ever seen before! Cutting Edge! When bombarded with these promotions - I stay strong and repeat my mantra - 2 shows.

2 shows is all I allow myself to watch. This of course is in addition to the shows I already watch. 2 shows is all I am allowed to add into my already exhaustive list of TV shows that I watch.

If I am completely honest, I should fess up that normally I start off with 3 shows, but based purely on the math, it is highly probable that at least one of them will be cancelled.

Last season I showered Fox with love - adding Fringe & Dollhouse into my repertoire.

This year I am pretty much f*cked. There are at least X shows that have piqued my interest and I am unable to make a choice. There are smart shows. There are smutty shows. There are funny shows. There are dramatic shows. And I want to watch them all. What is so wrong with that? So I will hibernate until next summer......

Thankfully I have dumped at least one of the show that I already watch (see ya Heroes, don't let the door hit the cheerleaders ass on the way out!). And I am still undecided about The Hills. Kristin Cavallari = awesomeness. The rest of the cast = wanting to stab myself with something pointy. The trailer looks promising, but can I handle such a contrived, unrealistic reality show? I don't know.

I am already a little bit in love with Glee, so that is deffo a keeper. It is awesome. Singing. Comedy. Dancing. I am sold. Vancity native Cory Monteith stars as Finn, the quarterback with a heart of gold, with the amazing Lea Michele (who was in Spring Awakening on Broadway) portraying Rachel - the talented but unpopular ingenue. The hi-larious Jane Lynch steals every scene she is in, and in this weeks episode, Victor Garber popped up as glee-club coach Will's father. I cannot wait until he belts out a showtune or 2. The whole cast is fantastic, and they are mixing up the songs - ranging from classic tunes - Don't Stop Believing, to rap numbers like Push it. The show is smart & funny, a little twisted, which is how I like my TV. Love love love for Glee! And I heard that Kristin Chenowith is appearing in coming weeks.

Glee: Wednesday nights at 9.00pm. It is a winner.

The Melrose Place redux has not completely convinced me of it's awesomeness yet. I do need a total escapist guilty pleasure and MP has potential, but I am not quite sold. It has beautiful people, lots of dramarama, intrigue, love, sex and within the first 10 minutes..... a murder to solve. Which is the thing that kind of irritates me. You bring the amazing Sydney Andews back to life only to kill her off in the first few minutes? WTF? I am assuming that Laura Leighton will continue on in flashbacks, but there comes a point when that is going to get old. And will the other returning cast (Daphne Zuniga and Josie Bissett) only return in flashbacks as well? That would be irritating. I am happy to give Ashley Simpson-Wentz a shot, but at this point her whole storyline is kind of meh. It was just a tad predictable. and by "tad" I mean completely predictable. I am really enjoying Katie Cassidy's Ella - sassy, smart, slick, gorgeous, with a wardrobe to die for. She is David Cassidy's kid - did you know that? I am going to continue with 4614 Melrose Place for a while yet. It doesn't suck, but the only OMFG moment was when Sydney was found face down in the pool. Bring on the crazy MP, that why we loved you in the 90's!

Melrose Place: Tuesday night at 9.00pm - it has potential to be amazing - right now it is just good.

Coming up on Two Shows!?!? Flash Forward, Community, The Vampire Diaries...... do you see the problem here? Two shows..... hmph.


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