Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's always about Madonna

On Sunday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the MTV Video Music Awards were handed out. Yes, Kanye's latest f*ckery occurred during an actual Award Ceremony, where a ton of other things happened!

The evening started off with Madonna introducing a tribute to Michael Jackson. In a speech that to me was completely indulgent, as it was more about her than him, she also managed to make the entire audience feel guilty for abandoning the King of Pop when he needed us most. If I had his number, maybe I would have called...... I get what her point was, comparing their similar career paths and all, but really Madonna? Does everything have to be about you?

I think she looked pretty good. Although her hair had a 70's B-movie actress thing going on, she looked hawt. A number of people have compared her look to Faye Dunaway who for some inexplicable reason was also in attendance. I will simply let the pictures speak for themselves. I am just glad that Madge had the good sense to keep her scary arms hidden. I guess Jesus Luz had done something naughty and gotten himself grounded, cause I didn't see any pictures of him in attendance. I wonder what he does to get put in a time out? Did he not share his Tonka trucks with Rocco and David?

The tribute was decent, with dancers coming out dressed like MJ, and performing to some of his most memorable songs while also pulling of some of his most famous moves. There was the one guy who couldn't do that whole crazy lean thing from Smooth Criminal. It would have been fine, except buddy was front and centre. LMAO!
Janet came out during Scream & girlfriend looked pissed. Maybe she had heard Madonna's whole "I know he's gone, but what about me" speech? Regardless, Janet was fierce and while her dancing wasn't at quite the same level as the others on stage, she did an admirable job. Her grief, out of all of the Jackson's, is the most real to me. The rest of them seem to be using their son's/brothers death as a way to advance their own agenda. Of course, I am not speaking of his mother or children. I am pretty much looking at Father Joe, and siblings LaToya and Jermaine. All of whom make me sick to my stomach.

It was a relatively dignified tribute to the King of Pop, with many in attendance being moved to tears watching the iconic poses and moves of Michael Jackson. For the remainder of the show, host Russell Brand continually made references to the entire ceremony being a tribute, which was nice. And he didn't even make one joke about Michael, which frankly I found a little surprising......


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