Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Or Maybe it's Always about Lady Gaga?

Oh Lady Gaga. You knew that I would have to write something abut this. I can't let something this big go slide by without commenting on it.

First off, congrats on the Best New Artist Award. I'm gonna say it was completely deserved, pretty much because I think the rest of the nominees were rappers and I am not a fan of the rap music. Gonna also give you props for the performance. It was dramatic and interesting and you sounded great.

Crap, I think I was supposed to save the other compliment for the end of the post. You know, the "sandwich" technique where you say all the bad stuff in the middle and temper it with a compliment at the start and end..... I learnt it in management training. Oh well.

Because...... Seriously? This is what you chose to wear to an Awards show. Let me clarify, these are what you chose to wear? Sigh. Some people are raving about the "avant garde"ness of it all. The cutting edgeness. The fact that you are able to think outside the box....... to all of these people I say bah!

You are a singer. And a damn good singer. And no-one talks about that. They talk about the wacky. The showing up with Kermit the Frog. They talk about the 5 (or was it 6) costume changes...... geez, even Ms America contestants don't have that many changes of clothes at the pageant. You could maybe get away with that sh*t if you were hosting the Daytime Emmy's. But not at MTV.

And you know what really sucks about your performance...... Pink totally blew it out of the water with her aerobatic amazingness. But if you had sat there with a piano and belted the cr*p out of that song, that I would remember it. And write about it.
PS: In case I wasn't clear..... these outfits are all from the same night. Yes, that is 6 costume changes in one night. Sigh.

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