Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fancy Emma v's College Emma?

Emma Watson took a break from her studies at Brown University to jet across the pond for the Burberry show during London's Fashion Week. Seated in the front row beside such stars as Gwyneth Paltrom, Liv Tyler and Mario Testoni, Emma looked absolutely spectacular at this show. Emma represents Burberry in a number of their print ads. At the show: flawless dress, flawless make-up, so amazing.

These photos are a far cry from these pics of Emma at Brown University during orientation week in early September. She seems to be settling in very nicely in Rhode Island, participating in many of the different orientation activities and keeping it very low-key. I applaud her decision to be a typical college student, well as typical as the highest grossing actor of the decade can be (Watson's movies have made an astounding $753.7 million). She has said that she was planning on staying in the dorms, to which I say again, I hope her roommate isn't a huge Harry Potter fan!

I am not gonna post any more pics of her on campus. I find the whole thing a little too invasive and icky. I know, I am a big old hypocrite. I give myself enough of a hard time, I don't need you to do it as well.


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