Saturday, September 12, 2009

Countdown to NYC!

This time last year I was in New York City. This time next month I will be getting organised for my trip east to Boston and New York. Yay! I am super excited to be heading back to New York. I will be doing it so differently this time. I was there for 12 days last year, so I pretty much saw all the highlites. This time around, I can focus on areas I want to explore in more detail.... so f*cking excited.

I don't have anywhere to stay yet..... Priceline in a week or so. Eek! Hopefully I can find something!

The only things I have planned thus far are seeing Jude Law in Hamlet and seeing A Steady Rain - with Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig. Super excited about both and feel very lucky that both are on while I am in NYC. I am chosing to ignore the persistent rumours about Daniel Craig's douchery and security demands. Apparently he is convinced that he has achieved a twi-hard level of fame and will be mobbed by crazed fans while walking the streets of New York. Therefore he requires a constant security presence. Whatever Daniel Craig. Please get over yourself. I know you are James Bond. But really, in the grand scheme of crazy fans.... Edward Cullen > James Bond.

A Steady Rain opened in previews this week and sadly there is no nudity or making out by the two stars. I don't think they even take their shirts off...... Sigh. No official reviews to be found yet.

I have 3 nights free while I am in NYC. I am probably just gonna see what shows are half price at the TKTS booth. I really want to see Rock of Ages and Next to Normal. Tom Lenk of BTVS fame (Andrew in Season 6 & 7) is starting in Rock of Ages next week, so I am super excited to see him in it. I just hope that tickets are half price when I am there!

So f*cking excited to be going back to NYC.
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