Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kristen > The Cast of The Hills

Last night, according to all reports, the Bitch was Back. And no I am not referring to the awesome and fantastic news that Heather Locklear is bringing her micro-mini back to Melrose Place. And to that I say - ah-mazing. I - of course - am referring to the only other bitch in Hollyweird - Kristin Cavallari, who is returning to her rightful place as Queen Bee-yotch on MTV's highest rated show - The Hills.

I was planning on breaking up with The Hills - relegating it to the "Oh I don't watch that anymore" pile. I know how contrived and ridiculous the show is. It is a guilty pleasure, something I know is bad for me, but I have trouble resisting. But those pesky marketing people at MTV have made it virtually impossible to resist watching. The hype surrounding the return of KC has been impressive to say the least and these photos that were released a few days ago only serve to continue to pique my interest. Bastards.

There are tons of pics on MTV's site - but these were my personal faves. The ones of Lo, Stephanie and the annoying as f*ck Speidi are from March, but the rest are fairly recent. These pictures are nothing compared to the recent revelations about how much these reality TV stars make per episode.

Jay Leno was on Oprah last week and he explained that the shift away from scripted TV is partly a cost-saver on the part of the network. Considering these figures - which are being deny deny denied by the cast - I am not sure if this is a valid argument in this case!

According to The Daily Beast: "Cavallari is being paid $90,000 an episode, which is almost as much as Conrad was making: $125,000 an episode (or $2.5 million a year), according to a person with knowledge of the show’s contracts. Conrad’s deal stipulated that no other star’s salary could match hers while she was on The Hills, but those of supporting cast members Audrina Patridge, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, and Montag come close: $100,000 a show. As for Pratt, his rate is a slightly less at $65,000 per show, because he only joined as a regular in 2008. (In comparison, the stars of The Real Housewives series receive a reported $30,000 a show.) In the case of Brody Jenner, Conrad’s BFFWB (Best Friend Forever With Benefits), he takes in $45,000."

And this does not include promotional appearance fees, clothing lines, book deals and the myriad of other opportunities that have been afforded to these reality "stars." Holy..... getting paid that much to supposedly live your life? Most people don't even make that a year...... and these twits are being paid ridiculous amounts of cash to go for lunch, pretend to fight, pretend to love and even pretend to be friends. All of them pretty much also pretend to think.....KC and Lo are not included in this as they are smart cookies.

The chick in the Uglee-ass white pants with black boots combo is Stacie - who is apparently playing LC's wing-woman. Every uber-bitch needs one chick on their side - even if it is a trashy bartender from an even trashier dive bar. If you don't recall who Stacie is, she is the chick that Spencer the douche "flirted" with so as to create a storyline for Heidi the idiot and himself last season. And by "flirted" you know that I actually mean that MTV paid to shoot in a bar where she may or may not have actually worked......

This season is shaping up to be banana's. Don't judge me. I know it is bullsh*t. I know that there are better things on. I even know that I should not be watching a show that contributes to the dumbing down of teenagers everywhere. But I can't help myself......

And to continue my descent into depravity and stupidity.....

I wasn't feeling great last Sunday, so I hibernated for the day. Very exciting stuff - cleaned my apartment, cleared out some stuff off of my PVR, what a glamorous life I lead. I also got sucked in to watching most of Season 1 of The City on MTV...... And now I am waiting with baited breath for the start of Season 2 tonight. Crap crap crap. Why do I allow myself to watch this swill. Beautiful rich people, engaged in the most ridiculous contrived faux-storylines.

A few new cast members have turned up this year to keep things interesting. Roxy Olin in the middle is apparently a friend of Whit's from high school and seems to be being groomed as the new bitch on the east coast. It looks like Olivia will have her hands full with her new colleagues at Elle Magazine.
I hate myself enough for watching these shows......Don't judge me.

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