Monday, September 28, 2009

One two Jackie Earle Haley's coming for you

I grew up in a culdesac with tons of kids and all summer we would play play this game Sardines. Sardines is kind of like the reverse of Hide and Go Seek. In Sardines, one person would hide and then everyone would look for them. When you had found the hider, you would quietly yell how awesome you were for winning the game, and then you would hide with them. The loser was the person who was the last to find the hiders - Hence the name Sardines cause sometimes you would have up to 10 kids hiding in the same spot. We took this game a little seriously, jumping over back fences, crawling under people's houses and basically destroying the street with our childish fun. We would play until the grown-ups got sick of our yelling and ordered us into our respective houses. Often it was after dark.

I loved this game. It was super fun. The one thing I didn't like was when my neighbour Hayley would wear her green and red striped sweater. It scared the crap out of me. Every time I would see her, skulking in the fading Australian sunlight, I would freak out just a little thinking that.... One... Two...... Freddy's coming for me (you). A Nightmare on Elm Street gave me actual nightmares. Freddie was one seriously frightening horror movie villain. When Johnny Depp got sucked into the bed and then there was just a gush of blood... and when that blond chick was thrown around the room while being killed. Awesome and amazing and scary.

It was only a matter of time before someone in Hollyweird decided to remake this classic horror movie. Oh sorry, it's a re-imagining - whatever the f*ck that means. This trailer was released today and all over the interwebs people were weeping and wailing. I think there was even some gnashing of the teeth taking place. Because it is sacrilegious to consider remaking this film - as it is one of the greatest movies ever made.... oh wait no it's not. It's a horror movie that made under $30 million domestically when it was released in 1984. Granted, it gained cult status on VHS and DVD releases......but I don't know whether the weeping, wailing and gnashing completely really necessary.

I guess I am one of the few who is okay with this trailer. I am gonna go see the reimagined A Nightmare on Elm Street when it comes out next year. I freely admit, I got chills when I heard the song.... How could I not? That song gave me nightmares for many years. It looks like it will be a decent film. What I actually found most interesting was that Katie Cassidy got more air play than the actual lead in the film - the one playing Nancy - also known as the other hot girl who is currently not one of the stars of Melrose Place (Rooney Mara). It also has Kellan Lutz, Kyle Gallner and Thomas Dekker as eye candy so it really can't be that bad right?

The newly reimagined A Nightmare on Elm Street is being released next year.


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