Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Boy for RENT Stars

PEOPLE magazine is reporting that Tony Award winner Idina Menzel and hubby Taye Diggs welcomed their first child - son Walker Diggs - to the world today. Massive love and congratulations to them both!

The two met during the Original Broadway Production of RENT in 1996, where Idina played the tempestuous Maureen and Taye was the loathsome Benny. They were married in 2003, and both reprised their roles in the movie version of RENT. Idina went on to become one of the most sought after performers on Broadway, winning a Tony award in 2004 for her portrayal of Elphaba in Wicked.

Taye has also gone on to much success on the small screen and is currently starring on ABC's Private Practice.

Here is a clip of the 2008 Tony Awards. Not super focused on Idina and Taye, but is super cute. Love love love RENT. Saw it on it's last week on Broadway last year. Literally cried like a baby from start to finish. Was kinda embarrassing, but that is how much this show moved me.

These are two clips that show Idina's amazing voice. First is a scene from Rent and second is from the 2004 Tony Awards where she sings Defying Gravity from Wicked. She was apparently under the weather during this performance so her voice is not as amazing as it can be. Still sh*ts on anything most people could do, but thought you should be aware.

Again, much love to Idina and Taye. Wishing them all the best as they settle into parenthood.

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