Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Suri Wore (& why she wore it)

In less than a month I will have bid a fond farewell to my friends Karin & Debbie in Boston, and have made my way to New York City. I haven't really done much research on what to do in Boston yet, but I do know that there are a number of movies with high profile celebrities attached to them currently filming. As i have had no luck in Vancouver seeing celebrities, I will likely run into every famous person in the Boston area. Although I did see

The most prominent, of course, is the couch jumper himself - Mr Tom Cruise who is in Boston filming Wichita with Cameron Diaz. Wife Katie and adorable robot-baby Suri are also in town. When I say robot-baby, it is not a dig at the whole Scientology thing or the theory that Tom has somehow brainwashed Katie into being with him. Honestly, it is not. It is simply because Suri is to fricking adorable to be real. Srsly. That little girl is gorgeous!

Photos have been circulating of three year old Suri in heels. Yes, I said heels. She is three years old and is wearing high heels. Some are saying that is innocent and adorable. Suri is clearly a girly-girl with the wearing dresses 24-7, so heels is not a far stretch right? And its not like they are 6 inch hooker heels. They are cute little peep-toes. There are others who are using this as yet another example of how crazy and inappropriate the Cruises are.

I have a whole theory on this. The reason that 3 year old Suri is wearing heels now is because 12 year old Suri will not be wearing them. Ever. Tommy-Boy is not gonna allow the female fruit of his loins to tower above him on a red carpet, on the street or even at their house. It is rough enough for him that 2 out of his 3 wives have been about a foot taller than him. That his kids are way taller than him already. I don't think that they make lifts big enough.

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