Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whip It! to debut at TIFF

If I wasn't such a complete pussy, I would totally give Roller-derby a try. I used to love rollerskating - even had a few birthday parties at Carribean Rollerama thank you very much! But I am far to much of a chickensh*t to get into a rink do what these crazy-awesome chicks do. There is even a league here in Vancity. Maybe I will just go and be a supporter. Sigh. I wish I wasn't such a f*cking pussy. First thing I need to do is think of a bad-ass name.....

Drew Barrmore's directorial debut - Whip It! - is premiering at TIFF this weekend. This time of year is pretty much the only time I wished I lived in Toronto. I love movies and clearly am a fan of the pop-culture. The Vancouver International Film Festival is much more serious and a lot less celebrity focused. But they are showing "Precious - Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire" (um, wosrt movie title ever?), so maybe Mariah Carey will show up? Yay?

Co-starring Ellen Page, Whip it! is totally on my list of must see movies for the fall. I have been waiting for this movie since I first read about it 6 months ago. As part of the publicity blitz for the film, Ellen and Drew are on the cover and inside the pages of October's Marie Claire.

The photos are awesome. It's odd seeing Ellen Page so fancy, with make-up and glittery clothes. She is normally so not that girl. Don't get me wrong, she looks super hawt in these photos. And Drew Barrymore.... please. Her skin is flawless. She seems so much more comfortable with herself than she used to. She looks amazing.
Everyone is freaking about the photo where they are kissing. Come on people. It's not like they are naked and I don't even see any tongue. It is just a peck. But I gotta say, if either of these two asked me to make out, I would do it in a heartbeat. Tell me you wouldn't? They are both super cute, smart and funny. A little girl on girl kiss is perfectly acceptable in this situation.

In the article it quickly becomes clear that Page & Barrymore developed a very close bond while filming the movie. They have travelled to Mexico and Vegas together and seem like they have become good friends. Drew seems to have taken the younger girl under her wing and shown her the fun side of living in LA - which for a young lass from Nova Scotia is a good thing.
Ellen also revealed that she took a year off after filming Juno and backpacked through Romania. And this is why she is awesome. She stars in one of the biggest films of the year, is nominated for every award possible, could probably have her pick of scripts. But no, she takes a break and leaves the crazy that is Hollyweird. Can you see any of the Disney brats doing that? I don't think so! I kinda hope my other girl crush (Kristen Stewart) reads this article and decides to get the fuck out of dodge for a while as well.
And you know that Ellen is a good Canadian girl when she throws in a reference to Tim Horton's during the interview! Love it. Whip It! opens October 2nd. See you there?

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