Friday, September 25, 2009

Post-age updates

Since I started this wee little blog, I have written about my disdain for not leaving well enough alone. And by this I am talking about the often inane ideas I hear from Hollyweird involving remaking movies and/or TV shows, continuing a movie series that has already reached a completely satisfactory conclusion, and turning great movies into crappy TV shows.

I have an update on one story i wrote quite a while ago. Way back in mid-July it was announced that a script was being developed for Scream 4. I thought this was a
silly idea. Mainly because the heroine of the entire series - Canadian Neve Campbell - had not signed on to appear in the movie. I honestly believe it would have sucked balls.

Thankfully it was
confirmed this week that Neve has reconsidered and will be reprising her role as Sidney Prescott. While to this I unequivocally say - Yay! - I am still not sold on another Scream Movie. Especially since it seems like this will be the first in another Trilogy. Eek! I am fearful we are going to venture into Friday the 13th part 678 territory. Cause 6 Scream films? I don't know. What do you think?

The next update is more a continuation , a sequel if you will, to a previous post. I
wrote about how Bring it On is may favourite Cheerleader movie from 2000. And I stand by that. Seriously, name another movie about Cheerleaders from 2000 that is better.

Well, instead of making yet another direct to DVD sequel, Universal has
decided that a better course of action would be to produce a musical extravaganza that they will take on a national tour in hopes of making it's way to Broadway. It has an impressive team behind it - lots of Tony Award Winners in writing, choreography and music.

If there is one movie that is perfect to turn into a musical - this could be it. I can't wait to see the opening sequence on stage. It will be awesome. Campy, over the top, doesn't take itself at all seriously. Just silly silly fun. It has my seal of approval! Can't you see this song on stage somewhere?


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