Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chuck Bass Would not Approve!

You know that I have a deep and shameful lust for Ed Westwick....... I know, I know. There is just something about him. Sadly, his status as my not so secret shame-f*ck is perilously close to being ripped away from him after I saw these images of him with his new "body-art".


I like tattoos. I have a number myself. I think they are generally kinda hawt. But these?

Again I say sigh.

I actually don't mind the pin up girl. A little tacky to have boobies (cause if it is a pin up girl, it is boobies or tits, not breasts) on your arm forever, but whatev's. It doesn't really bother me. What I do have a problem with is that right above the boobies it says "This is a pin up girl" What the what? Followed by a side of WTF? Is that an attempt to be witty? Because, I have one word for you Eddie, and that word is FAIL!

I honestly have no words for the other one. A large feather? Um Okay. It is a good thing that he is on a hit TV show, as he will be able to afford the laser treatments to have that bad-boy removed when he wakes up and realises that he has a massive tattoo of a f*cking feather on his arm.

But, while searching for the hideous images above, I came across these adorable pics of a slightly more chiseled Ed in a kilt. I wonder if he is wearing that kilt in the traditional manner..... commando?

Chuck Bass would most definitely approve of that!


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