Sunday, September 13, 2009

Plot details of SATC 2 revealed?

A few weeks ago, I posed the question, Where's Charlotte? Kristen Davis had not been spotted on the set of the Sex & The City 2 movie and although I know they would never make the film without one of the 4 leading ladies, this is Hollyweird, albeit NYC Hollyweird, but Hollyweird none the less.

I can breathe a little easier now as photos have surfaced of Kristen on the NYC set. To that I say a resounding yay! I love Charlotte and her uptight Upper East Side ways. While the script and plot of this much anticipated movie are a closely guarded secret, details are slowly emerging....

US Weekly, on stands now apparently has details of the plot of the new movie, as revealed by "insiders" on set. According to the magazine, Big is hit by the recession, moves to London, and cheats on Carrie. In a shocking twist (ha!) this is when Carrie discovers she is knocked up. Yawn. That is not really shocking at all. Gah! I honestly wish they had left it all alone.

Oh, and hilarity will ensue with Charlotte having to deal with 2 children (and doesn't she have like 10 dogs?), while Samantha has to deal with her hawt ex - Smith Jarrett and Miranda makes a "surprising" career choice. These details sound suspiciously like grasping at anything to make a plot if you ask me!

I am still not enjoying the probable 80's flashbacks that we will be subjected to. Flashbacks are what you do when you have run out of original ideas. If this ensemble of Kim Cattrall's is any indication, maybe Tommy Lee or Gene Simmons will be making a cameo as Samantha goes through her groupie phase. It must be said that the dirtiness of Tommy Lee or the sleaze of Gene would be a million times better than the Christian trampiness of Ms Miley Cyrus. Rumour has it she is still set to film a cameo in October sometime. Ugh. Knowing my luck, she is who I will see while in NYC.....
I will go and see this film. No question about it. I may even go opening night. I loved the show and grew to tolerate & even like the first movie. Darren Star is a very good writer and I am quietly hopeful that he will not totally fu*k this up. Whatever, even if it sucks balls, I can stare at all the amazing and phenomenal clothes, shoes and bags and go to my happy place for a few hours. Shoes and bags are my crack. I was very proud of myself last week when I only bought 3 pairs of shoes while in Seattle......
PS: Love both of these dresses on Carrie. And I have sat on that very stoop!

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