Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Jared Leto more of a Danny Zuko or a Kenickie?

I look at these photos and I expect these guys to break into a dance montage from Grease. But no, this is not the reincarnation of the T-Birds, this is Jared Leto, with his band mates from 30 Seconds to Mars at a photo shoot in New York City yesterday. Apparently they have a new album coming out. Maybe their 3 fans give a crap. Because I really don't care.

I don't think I could recognise a cut by 30 Seconds to blah blah blah if my life depended on it. This is pretty much a post about the holy hawtness of Jared Leto.

Because oh la..... right? The leather = good. The shades = good, although I love his eyes. The perfectly tousled hair = good. The bulge in his pants = impressive. That could be anything I suppose, but I am going with idea that he would be capable of making you hurt in all the right places...... sigh.

I love Jared Leto. He was and will always be the ultimate bad boy of my teenage years. Jordan Catalano.... you were such an asshole to Angela, but you know that he would totally have pried apart her dimpled thighs in Season 2. If there had been a Season 2. I am still kind of bitter there was no Season 2 of My So Called Life. Can you tell.

While trolling the interwebs for the above photos, I stumbled across this old image of Jared making out with Paris Hilton. So instead of my usual rant against the viewing public for the cancellation of My So Called Life, I am now choosing to place the blame for the cancellation of this amazing show squarely on the slutty shoulders of Paris Hilton.

To this image I say ewwww. And please Jared, never again. Thanks.


  1. Paris HIlton is a mother fucker slut and a bitch!! damn i hate her. i can't belive that jared made out with that whore! pliss jared NEVER AGAIN!!!

  2. Jared is intelligent, stylish and sophisticated. What on earth is he doing with a nobody like Paris Hilton.......?

  3. Jared is amazing and paris is not does anybody see a connection between the two. and no its not the fact that they both wear eyeliner..... jared looks better with it than she does. XD

  4. wat the hell is an amazinhly talented human like jared, doing with an airhead like paris. I'm sure it was a mistake, pllz J dnr repeat that mistake ur too gd for that skank!

  5. At least Jared is famous for actually doing something and having a talent unlike Paris who is just famous because her dad is rich. I think we all know who is the better person.

  6. Where do you guys take the right to criticize people you haven't even probably changed a word with?? If you don't find anything you'd like in Paris Hilton, it's okay, cause apparantly Jared Leto has found lots of.. i mean, he's still making out with Paris on that picture.. not you..
    Don't get me wrong, i'm not some kind of Paris-adorer.

  7. This is a blog, that is what gives people the right to share their opinion on anything, just like it is your right to criticize other's posts. With regard to Paris, I like to believe she was a drunken mistake. We've all had those moments that we regret later, this is Jared's. She's not talented, not spectacular looking (like Jared), and frankly she's boring, unless you like to follow the night life of the drunk and slutty. She sucks and he's a god, plain and simple.