Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Miike Snow & Jack Penate - Review

I once almost got into a fight with some chick at a concert. It was about 10 years ago - I had waited in line for two hours with my very good friend Erin in the hopes that they would release tickets to a sold out show. Like total dorks we were about third and fourth in this line-up. In front of us were 2 guys whose mission in life is to procure and then sell autographs. I was both terrified and furious at the possibility that these bottom-feeders would get in and we wouldn't.

But we got in. Yay! The venue was the awesome Richards on Richards - which is sadly now closed and demolished. We stood in the back as there were throngs of girls right by the stage, ready to hurl their unmentionables at the stage. And no mater how hawt I once thought this singer was, I have never been one for the screaming, fainting and hurling of panties. Question - do you throw clean or dirty ones? I did once wave like a fool at some soap stars... another story for another time (Erin remembers this fondly).

We even called our friend Karin who could not be there and helped her to listen to the concert through both of our cell phone batteries. During the show, there were these 2 girls standing right behind us yapping and yapping. Talking about some bullsh*t man problem or an equally unimportant problem. After about 10 minutes I turned around as asked them to be quiet. Actually I said something to the effect of "I didn't stand in line for 2 hours and spend $25 dollars (I was po-or back then) to listen to you yap about your f*cking boyfriend." Admitedly I was probably in a bit of a bourbon-haze, and probably could have been a little more polite, but WTF?

There is a point to me!

Last night - in the middle of the dance floor while the band was on stage there was this dude in an obscenely tight T-shirt hitting on everyone and everything. At first I couldn't figure out if he was just being one of these annoying super friendly people who have no sense of what is appropriate behavior. Then I realised that he was only talking to people without penises and that he was also a little grabby. I am not exaggerating when I say that I heard him hit on at least 8 girls. I guess I should feel honoured that he also hit on me right?

I ventured out on a work night with my friend Emma to see a small show at the newly renovated "The Venue." Billed as Miike Snow & Jack Penate, I originally had no clue who Miike Snow were. I have been a fan of Jack Penate for a couple of years. He is an indie rocker who toured with the magnificent Adele - so I checked him out and fell in a little bit of love.

Jack came out with his band just after 9.00pm and he pretty much rocked my world. Black skinny jeans, a mop of hair that kept falling into his eyes, and a shirt that was beyond description but was buttoned all the way up. Emma likened it to The Breakfast Club being on stage. Jack was fantastic. He has this frenetic energy when he is onstage that is both off-putting and captivating. He has a solid voice live and seemed thrilled at both the turnout and the love from the relatively small crowd. Sadly, they played mainly songs form his new disc which has a completely different sound from his first album - which I loved with a fiery passion. His new CD - Everything is New - is a little more poppy than his debut release - Matinee. I like both, and overall the set list was good. Great energy by Jack, feeding off the crowd. It was a great set, only around 45 minutes with no encore, but for $20, I will take what I can get!

After a 30 minute break out came Miike Snow. As I said, I had only heard their tunes about a week before the concert, and I thought they were decent. But live, this Swedish electropop outfit was ah-mazing. I am not a massive fan of electronic/dance music - and live it generally leaves me pretty cold. But whether it was the vodka-sodas, or the crowd - I totally got into it and grooved my ass off - while avoiding Mr Hits On Anyone With Boobs. I was a tad unnerved when they came out in white face masks and matching track-sweaters - which they kept on until about three songs in. Off putting yes, but it did nothing to detract from their phenomenal set. Again, shorter than I would have liked (about an hour), with no encore, but they hit most of their big songs. I am now officially a fan....... and I bought their CD at the show and it is awesome.

The photos are kinda crappy as I was camera less and these are all from my I-Phone . It sucked that I forgot my camera as we were very close to the front. Booo to that. regardless, overall it was a great great great night! 2 great acts, a few drinks, and home by midnight - which is about an hour past my bedtime so today was a little bit of a struggle. Blargh.

Oh and the singer that I was talking about at the start of this post - John Mayer. Don't judge me. Before his ego became bigger than his talent he was a great singer. This was around the time of Your Body is a Wonderland before he became what he is now. Oh F*ck off - Don't judge me. I stand by this concert choice.

Next up: Monsters of Folk at The Commodore... was at the Orpheum, but ......4th row curse.


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