Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl

In honour of the WB releasing the first official image of Hilary Duff in her role as movie star turned college girl Olivia Wilde on Gossip Girl, I have culled back through some recent days of shots and picked a few for your viewing pleasure. Well, there are lots of Ed Westwick, so that is probably more for my pleasure right? Or have some of you now come over to the dark shameful side?

Oh Chuck Bass. Le sigh. The suits, the shoes, the vests, even the flower in your lapel. As Chuck Bass you are fabulous. As Chuck Bass, few women could resist you. But honey child, those rolled up jeans have gotta go. Seriously, I recognise that you are from the UK and that kinda sorta makes you European-adjacent. But the only person I have seen who can pull this look off without looking totally ridiculous is Alexander Skarsgard.... sigh. Did you see those much talked about photos from early August where he was at LAX? They are below, cause you can never have to many shots of my Alexander.....And even with Alex, I am not super thrilled. But he is Dirrty Eric on True Blood, so he can pretty much do whatever the hell he likes and I am on board. Swoon.

The rest of the pics are kinda meh. Taylor Momsen seriously still needs to eat about 10 Big Macs, while the stylists on the show still need to double check Blake Lively's size. Don't get me wrong, she looks amazing and I wish all the chicks on the show took their cues from her instead of the Olsen Twins, but Serena is always in clothes that are about 2 sizes to small for her. Damn though, she has amazing breasts. I remember when mine were that perky. Not anymore. Now I don't even like to think where they are if I am braless. I can't quite tuck them into my pants, but they are definitely heading south. I am also thrilled that Penn Badgley has a hat on as it is hiding his crazy mop of hair. Pity about the mutton chop sideburns though right? Maybe it is a bet or something? Something super important to his character? Probably not.
Seems like there is a 1920's zoot suit/flapper party going on. Which is exactly what we did in University. Oh wait no, we spent our evenings trying to avoid being thrown in with the syphilis infested ducks in the lake on campus (sadly, I am not even joking about this - I went to a super classy school). The guys that lived below us also had a passion for stealing traffic lights and leaving them on our stoop... oh and they also had a drunken college girls gone wild themed photo montage going up the staircase to their rooms. Photos they had actually taken - and this is before digital camera's people. Like I said - super classy!

The story on Ms Hilary's character is that she is the star of a vampire movie franchise (of course she is) who is rooms with Jessica Szohr's Vanessa. She meets Dan (Penn) who obviously has no idea who she is as he is far to intellectual and angsty to watch a teen-vampire movie. Hilarity (and dramarama) ensues. Hilary's first episode is October 5th.
Gossip Girl returns September 14th. You know you love it. Admit it.

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