Sunday, September 13, 2009

Six Degrees of Robert Pattinson

In the past week 3 people I know (well 2 people I actually know and one "friend of a friend") have had run ins with the elusive Robert Pattinson.

Rob has been in Vancouver for about a month or so filming Eclipse and apart from occasional cast outings, he hasn't been seen. Anywhere. He has been barricaded in his hotel room (which is about 2 blocks from my house) hiding from the crazy fans and the photogs.
Now I admit that I would be considered a twi-hard. I paid to see the movie more times than I care to admit, I adjust my wanderings in the city to coincidentally go by their hotels, I even went and saw Sam Bradley just for the of chance that "he" would be there. Thankfully Sam is a talented singer, so it didn't suck. He is actually pretty decent.
I am a twi-hard, but I am aware of how ridiculous and pathetic it all is. The books are poorly written, but I secretly love them anyway (I am sorry to say, even Breaking Dawn). The movie sucked balls, but I went down to HMV at midnight to get my 3 disc DVD. If Edward Cullen was a real live boy, he would be arrested for breaking and entering, but I love him anyway and wish he was mine. I am hanging my head in shame as I write this.......
Onto the encounters.....

First off I had a voicemail from my friend Carrie on my cell telling me I had to get somewhere immediately as "your twilight boy" was there, free from the watchful eyes and cameras of the paparazzi. I was sleeping when she called...... and wouldn't have gone anyway. But I did make us go back there last night, even though I am pretty sure that he is on his way to NYC for the MTV awards.

Next, someone at work was at a restaurant downtown and some of the cast were there. Also very low key and photog free.

The third one is a little different and I am not getting into any specifics. But let me just say that twi-hards all over the world would universally and unequivocally cream their panties if they had the experience with Rob that this person did. And no, it was not a hook up.

And me? The actual fan? Nothing. Well, I did see him for a few nanoseconds at Sam Bradley earlier this year, but any substantial sightings - nope! And you know what, I think I am okay with that. Cause seriously, what am I going to do if I see him? Nothing. I prefer the slightly unhealthy fantasy I have that we would meet and bond over music. And I am quite happy to keep it a fantasy. Cause it would never happen. And I know that. And that is fine.
New Moon opens in November. I will be at the theatre opening day with Nicole and Robin....... there will be wine involved and after the movie.......the chocolate buffet at the Sutton Place Hotel. Drowning our shame in chocolate. hmmm Chocolate.


  1. ok now I'm curious... what happened to the third person? I was wondering what would I do if I had a chance to see him and the answer is: probably nothing... well maybe I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for like a week but that's all ;)
    anyway greetings from Europe ;)

  2. I can't spill any more deets about the third encounter as it could get someone in a whole lotta trouble.... Sorry hon!