Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West = Douchebag

Kanye West made America's Sweetheart Cry.

And more importantly for him, he made his f*ckery the major talking point from last night's MTV Video Music Awards. None of us are not talking about the tribute to Michael Jackson, or Pink's amazing performance, or Lady Gaga's multiple whacked out outfits (well, we are talking about that one just a little).

No we are talking about Kanye West who thought that he had the right to get up on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance for Best Female Video, because he thought that Beyonce's video should have won instead. Taylor had just finished saying that she never thought she would win a "Moon Man" because she was a country singer, and then Kanye drags his drunk ass onstage and completely ruins the moment for her. Ugh.

It doesn't matter if he or anyone else thinks that Taylor shouldn't have won. She did. Voted on by MTV viewers. Kanye disrespected Taylor, he disrespected Beyonce, he disrespected everyone who voted. He is such an asshole. He may not be happy with the result - which many are regarding as an upset - but nothing gives him the right to do that. Who the fuck does he think he is?

He is a grown man. Taylor Swift is 19 years old. And she showed exactly how much more mature than him she is by delivering an awesome live performance only minutes after having her acceptance speech ruined by Kanye the douche. She is one classy, professional 19 year old right?

After behaving like a dick, Kanye was apparently asked to leave. He grabbed his trashy famewhore piece of ass and went home to write a half assed apology on his blog. ALL CAPS LOCK. His drunken rambling was removed pretty quickly, but of course, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, here it is below.

F*cking idiot. Who let him near a computer in that state? Srsly? Does the man not have a publicist? And the second faux-pology posted the next day was not much better.

“I feel like Ben Stiller in ‘Meet the Parents’ when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave… That was Taylor’s moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her. I am truly sorry.”


He also showed his apologetic ass on Leno's new show. Teared up when Jay asked what his mom would think and based on the applause from the audience, all is now forgiven. Leno totally pandered to him, thanking him for being man enough guarantee him good ratings, sorry to show up in light of what happened. Ugh.

Kanye may be a talented artist (and that is debatable), but I am so totally & completely over his continual egotistical outbursts when he feels he has the right to dispute anything he doesn't agree with. Gah.

Beyonce continued on her quest for sainthood when she won for Video of the Year. Saying that she remembered how amazing her first VMA award was, she asked Taylor to come back on stage to actually deliver an acceptance speech. Yay Beyonce. I am not really a fan, but that was classy classy classy.

Oh and Kanye is a f*cking douche.

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