Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spencer Pratt - King of the Fame Whores

Oh Spencer Pratt – you genius you!

Here is the deal. I am an intelligent person. I know that the only reason you are doing this is for the press. I also know that I should ignore you if there is any hope that you & your twit of a wife will disappear. Unfortunately, I am shamed to admit that I am unable to resist your asinine charms. Today, Spencer Pratt - one half of the fame-whoriest couple in America - has taken said fame-whorishness to a whole new stratosphere.

Apparently it is not enough for him that he is known as the biggest douche in Hollywood. He wants to add the moniker of “king” to his title. Seriously. According to US Weekly, Spencer is going to change his name to “King Spencer Pratt”. Sigh. Word is he has decided that America needs a king and has nominated himself for the role.

To this entire situation I say, why? Followed closely by WTF?

Isn’t it enough that he chooses to whore out his wife to Playboy, MTV, Ms Universe and whoever has enough cash to make it worth his while? Or that “Speidi” claim they do everything in the name of Jesus? Or that he regularly stages the most ludicrous photo-ops with the paparazzi? Or that he is another Hollywood celebrity who is famous for doing nothing?

Sadly no.

Spencer Pratt has studied hard at the altar of the Hiltons, Jenners and Kardashians & is slowly building an empire that will rival that of Ms Hilton herself. All that is missing is a sex tape or a baby. And if the trailer for Season 5 of The Hills is any indication, one of these will be coming shortly.

Can I get an Amen on this one?

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