Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last weekend at Bumbershoot, I had only minimal Internet access. No computer = I-phone interweb access only. Free in the hotel lobby, and occasional sketchy free wi-fi on the Seattle Center grounds.

Between you and me, I was a little scared of the lobby of the hotel. Lots of Purple and Yellow LSU fans. LSU = Louisiana State University. In town for a football match with.... I actually don't know who. Hmmm Washington State? Something about Tigers maybe. Whatever. The point is, these people flew across the country to watch a college Football game. Am I strange that I am completely baffled by this? It is not just my lack of a penis - many chicks were there in full rah rah rah go team mode as well. Maybe it was because I did not spend any time at university caring about sports.... I don't even know if we had any sport teams at my school....
And it wasn't even the play-offs. It was like the opening weekend or something. I just do not understand this mentality. For what looked like regular folks, to get on a plane for a sporting event is totally beyond my comprehension. But more power to them I guess!!

Anyways, in anticipation of no Internet for almost 4 days, I set up my twitter to text me when specific accounts sent out a tweet. One of course, was my gossip goddess - Lainey Gossip. When she announced that she had exclusive details on who Alexander Skarsgard was dating, I knew it was Evan Rachel Wood. Don't ask me how, but I totally knew it. I turned to Melissa and Emma and said that I would literally pee my pants if it was Evan Rachel Wood. What I wanted to say was instant orgasm, but I thought that was a bit much.........

Because...... seriously. Holy f*ck. Amazingness.

Not only has she apparently been down to Louisiana where Alex is filming Straw Dogs, but there are also a number of pics of them out for dinner in LA. Yes, this could simply be two friends who work together going out for dinner, but I much prefer the image I have of them. Rushing back to his or her place because they can barely contain themselves. Stopping only to pick up some candles and handcuffs. And you know the candles are not for mood lighting.

Because their escapades would most definitely not involve mood lighting and romantic music. There would be props and toys and maybe even a few third parties involved. And it would hurt just enough to be amazing. Sigh.... I feel another orgasm building.......This relationship news makes me so happy and content in more than just a post coital bliss kind of way.

Season finale of True Blood is on Sunday. Then we have to wait until June of next year for new episodes. Balls. And I know that I will have to erase the episodes from my PVR at some point. Balls again.

There was a nasty horrible rumour going around on the interwebs that Eric was going to be killed off on the season finale. That had better be nothing more than a nasty horrible rumour. If they kill off Eric to allow Bland Bill and Sookie to continue their vanilla relationship, I am gonna be pissed. Pissed and bitter. An Alex-Evan sex tape may be the only thing to pacify my pissy bitterness.


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