Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where's Charlotte?

I see Carrie, Samantha and Miranda..... but where oh where is Charlotte - the WASP, turned Jewish wife, turned mother to an adopted Chinese baby? Where is she? Out of all the characters on SATC, Charlotte York made me laugh the most. I loved Kristen Davis in that role. She was amazing. Her eternal search for a husband. Her joy at finding her knight in shining armour in Trey McDougall. Her dogged determination that in spite of all the evidence to the contrary (cough... limp dick....cough), her marriage would work. Her belief in love and that she and all her friends would find their soulmates. Her clothes and shoes (and the shoe fetish guy). All the toads she had to f*ck to get to Harry. The amazing wonderful Harry. All of it. Loved her.

In the movie when she yells at Big on the wedding day that wasn't...... kills me. The look in her eyes. Crushes me every time I watch it. That is hands down my absolute favourite scene in the whole movie. Hated the whole "poughkeepsie in her pants" bullsh*t though. Cheap and simply going for the laugh, something SATC had never really done before. I also wish her adorable Chinese daughter had spoken in the film. Did she say a word? Maybe in the new one she will get a line or two?

Anyways, Kim Cattrell and Cynthia Nixon filmed their first scenes on the streets of NYC today. And there are also a few shots of SJP from yesterday where she seems to be in total 80's garb. I am thinking.....flashback. How the girls met? How they became friends? Cause where the f*ck else is this movie gonna go? Ugh. I am going to try and be positive and give Darren Star the benefit of the doubt, but I am frankly a little worried........

We shall see my friends..... we shall see. I wonder if they will still be filming when I am there in October? Oohhhh that would be so beyond awesome and amazing.


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