Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Monday: From my keyboard to your I-Pod

It has been a little while since I have done this, I know. It's not that I have run out of music to recommend and wax poetic about....I could talk about music for eons and eons.

In recognition of the concert I am going to tomorrow night here are this weeks magical musical melodies. I am off to see a super cheap and hopefully super fun concert at "The Venue" - a newly renovated space that I have yet to break in. I went to a few shows when it was "The Plaza" - much better name. The Venue is a f*cking stupid name.

Originally the whole reason was going to see Jack Penate, an English singer-songwriter that I discovered a few years ago. He is good friends with the amazing & lovely Adele, they toured together at one time so I thought I should check him out. Loved it. First CD is very different from the second...

This is a song from the first album... one of my faves. Torn on the Platform.... enjoy!

Next up is the co-headliner Miike Snow from Sweden. I had never heard of them, but I downloaded some of their tunes on the weekend and me likey! I read they are like a cross between A-ha and Animal Collective. I loved A-ha and am relatively indifferent to Animal Collective......but I actually really liked them.

This is Animal:

Maybe I will see you there tomorrow? The Venue. Miike Snow and Jack Penate. 9.00pm. Tell your friends!

Review to follow in a few days


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