Tuesday, August 11, 2009

14 seconds of New Moon

Summit released a whopping 14 seconds of footage from New Moon today. It was the "trailer for the trailer" which will be shown exclusively before Vanessa "I can't believe more nekkid photos of me surfaced just before the release of my movie" Hudgens. How convenient for her right? Her only option will soon be a sex tape. Sadly I don't think her current boyfriend is interested in anything she has to offer.

Taylor is all buff and half-nekkid and muscly and I still say meh. Kristen looks very soft and Bella like. So totally different from the Joan Jett look she has been rocking recently. The cast are all here in Vancity getting ready to start filming. Thankfully for them, many of the shoots for Eclipse will be on sound stages, in the middle of no-where or in the middle of the night. I hope they get some peace here.

In other Eclipse news another Canadian was cast in the role of "Bree" - the newborn who is captured by the Cullens during the battle. Despite what others may say, this is a very small role. She dies. Within like 50 pages. She is killed by the Volturi.

Anyways, 14 year old Jodelle Ferland has been cast in this role. I have a vague memory of her name being bandied around when the casting of Jane was being discussed on the interweb. She's cute enough. Haven't seen her in anything except The Messengers (which starred Kristen so I guess they know each other?) but as I said, small role so I am really not that fussed.

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