Friday, August 28, 2009

The Volturi are Revealed

A number of new images of the Volturi were released to the interwebs today and I for one say meh. If you were not aware, the Volturi are a powerful coven of Vampire's that will be making their first appearance in The Twilight Saga - New Moon. They would be considered the underlying "Big Bad" in the entire Twilight series and play a small but important role in both New Moon and Eclipse, before really settling in as the non-villainous villains in Breaking Dawn (this is Stephanie Meyer after all, and there is no actual physical confrontation in Breaking Dawn - don't get me started).

Led by Aro (Michael Sheen), Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) and Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl), the Volturi also includes twins Jane (Dakota Fanning) and Alec (Cameron Bright) and guard member Demetri (Charlie Bewley).

These official images are kinda cheesy no? With the exception of Aro (top left) and Jane (bottom left) I actually find the styling and poses pretty lamorama. Especially Caius (middle) and Marcus (top right). But these are simply publicity stills and if memory serves me correctly, many of the images from Twilight were incredibly yawn worthy also.

The stills from the actual movie are a lot more reassuring. I love the look of the Volturi chamber, although it is a lot less dark and gloomy that I was expecting. And I don't care that Dakota kept her blond hair. The look on her face and her vivid red eyes are amazing and menacing and I can't wait until she has Robert thrashing around on the floor. Sadly it will be in pain and not in ecstasy.
And again I say, I am not that fussed about the Volturi. They are in the film for a heartbeat. If they screw it up, it certainly won't be the first time a minor character in a book has been f*cked up royally in the film version. And it won't be the last.
November 20th. That is the day I will be drunk at noon with Nicole, surrounded by teenage girls who will be creaming their panties and screaming like lunatics every time anyone under 30 with a penis comes on the screen. Sigh. At least we will be drunk. For Twilight, we drank a bottle of wine in the theatre. We are thinking we may need more for New Moon.

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