Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chris Brown "sentenced"

He officially got away with it. Yay to Chris Brown and his fancy high-priced legal team. He is young and rich and powerful and he got away with beating the crap out of his girlfriend.

Remember, 3 weeks after beating the crap out of his girlfriend he was photographed in Miami, flirting with some fame hungry and highly unintelligent girls, riding a jetski without a care in the world.

In case you had forgotten, he punched her repeatedly, tried to push her out of a moving vehicle, smashed her head into a window, bit her, choked her to the point where she almost lost consciousness, and threatened to kill her - all while in a moving vehicle. But he is not going to jail.

He received 5 years probation, an order to complete a domestic violence program and 180 hours of "hard labour" in Virginia. He must also stay away from the woman he beat the crap out of.

I have written about this before. Anything I say will be a rehash of what I have already said. There a NO WORDS for what he did. No excuses or explanations that he can give that will make it okay or make me forget what he did. I am literally incapable of writing down a coherent, logical thought right now. See this for my opinion.


According to TMZ, there were girls at the courthouse screaming that they loved him. And you wonder why I am such a cynical bitch? People suck.


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