Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When Will I be Famous.... Again

When I was young, back in the late 80's, I used to have this eternal argument with my cousin over which Brit-pop boy band was dreamier. Wham (Jacinta was a fan) or Bros (I was a fan). Who the f*ck are Bros? I hear many of you ask. Yea, they never really broke in the US or Canadialand.

Anyways, Bros were a trio of sexually ambiguous boys - twins Luke and Matt Goss and "the other one" Craig Logan (who was in effect the Andrew Ridgley of the group). Their hit single was "When will I be Famous?" and I am ashamed to say that I loved these boys deeply. Thankfully my musical loves have matured quite a bit, and boy bands are not really my passion anymore (unless you can call Kings of Leon a boy band?). The video below for "When Will I Be Famous?" makes me nostalgic for my lost youth, but not my lost musical tastes.....

Jacinta and I would argue constantly about who was cuter, more talented and had radder dance moves. Thankfully we never discussed career longevity - cause I would have totally lost. George Michael is George Michael whereas Bros disbanded in 1992, and were never heard from again...

Until now that is.

Frontman Matt Goss is launching a comeback of sorts in Las Vegas of all places. Managed by Robin Antin (of Pussycat Dolls fame), Goss will be headlining late night shows at an intimate venue (named the "Gossy Room - ugh, so much cheese) at the Palms Casino Resort. The show, which opens September 4th, is styled after the Brat Pack and is similar to the long term contracts that superstars like Celne Dion and Elvis have had with Casinos in Sin City.

This is part of the video for his first single - Evil - which was released on I-Tunes. I gotta say.... damn he looks fine. And his voice is not bad either.
With Robin Anton backing him, and billboards all over Vegas, this 80's popstar may actually make it in America after all. Still sexually ambiguous to me though. My gaydar sux balls.

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