Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gossip Girl Goodies!

I haven't posted any snaps of the cast of my guilty pleasure Gossip Girl in a while. I am far too ancient to watch this show, I could conceivably be Taylor Momsen's momma, but I can't help myself! And as they film all over NYC, it is pretty easy to get some shots of the cast on set.

Hilary Duff began filming her multi-episode arc as a movie actress attempting to have a "typical" college experience. Apparently her real life BF, hockey player Mike Comrie showed up on set. Aww. How supportive! Hil's love interest is apparently going to be Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley, pictured walking to the set with Hilary). I like the pork-pie hat, but have determined that I am definitely not enough of a hipster to pull it off. I am looking forward to Hilary mixing it up on the Upper East Side in September.

For good measure, I thought I should include a snap of the strangely attractive Ed Westwick - out of character - and the fabulous Blake Lively. She is not fabulous due to her habit of talking like she has marbles in her mouth. She is fabulous because she does not look like she has an eating disorder (Taylor Momsen, I am talking to you!)

My favourite Gossip Girl - Leighton Meester is also gracing the cover of September's Harper's Bazaar. As part of the article they digitally aged the 23 year old to show how she could look in years to come. Interesting concept.

In the article, Leighton addresses the much talked about sex tape scandal of a few months ago, declaring bluntly that the tape "is not real". She goes on to state "People think it's real because somebody says it is. By the way, [as for] me being 18 in those pictures, I don't believe I was." Is that a non-denial-denial? The tape is not real, but she was not 18 in those pictures? Lordy, I am confused! I hope that it is bulls*it, but I saw the photos she is talking about, and it deffo looks like her. But then again, with the wonders of photo shop, who knows!

She is going to look great at 50, no? Leighton is a whole lotta awesome, and Blair Waldorf is one of the best things about Gossip Girl.....

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