Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laura Ling & Euna Lee back on US Soil!

With all the hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson, the Brange hitting McDonald's on a regular basis and the latest hair colour of Britney we all forget the important things in life. That Bill Clinton is amazing. It was no wonder that he could get any piece of ass he wanted while in office. The man is very very persuasive.

In March of this year, 2 journalists for Current TV were arrested for allegedly illegally entering North Korea via the Chinese border. In June, Laura Ling and Euna Lee were sentenced to 12 years hard labour. Early yesterday morning reports surfaced that former President Bill Clinton was on his way to north Korea to broker the release of Ling and Lee. After a meeting with President Kim Jong Il, the women were pardoned and are now back on US soil.

I know that it wasn't all Bill. There were undoubtedly a lot of back room discussions and high level meetings about this. But Bill went in on his white jet and was the hero of the day.

Laura spoke briefly to the assembled media. "Thirty hours ago, Euna Lee & I were prisoners in North Korea" Laura's started off, her voice quavering with emotion. "We feared at any moment we would end up in a hard-labour camp. Then we were told were were going to a meeting. We were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us President Bill Clinton. We were shocked, but we knew that the nightmare of our lives would soon be over."

These photos speak for themselves. Euna Lee's reunion with her husband & 4 year old daughter Hannah are particularly touching. I am very happy that this was able to occur!

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