Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gaga is the Hermaphrodite Cheerleader from Yonkers?

Do you remember that Friends episode with Brad Pitt? The one where Ross and Pitt's character admitted that they started a rumor about Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Green. The one where she had a "teeny-weeny"? Great episode. Brad Pitt looked super hawt.

Anyways, there is a point to this whole thing.... trust me.

Remember when Chandler screamed "You're the hermaphrodite Cheerleader from Long Island". Well, when I first heard on the interweb that there was a video circling that proved irrefutably that Lady Gaga had a peen, that line ran through my head for the rest of the day. Okay, so Gaga is from Yonkers, but tell me that is not close?

So yes there is a video (below). In this video, Gaga appears to be panties-less and there seems to be a hint of a penis.....Sigh.

There are many words one can use to describe Lady Gaga. Completely stupid is not one of them. She is an artist who prides herself on being shocking and loves being the centre of attention. What better way to get herself a ton of free press? Hmmmm........ Her "teeny-weeny" is so completely and utterly a stunt to get girlfriend (or is it boyfriend....) coverage in pretty much every blog in existence. And it has worked!

Sadly, I am quickly becoming completely over her stunts and attempts at being wacky and fashion-forward. I think she is an incredibly talented singer, but this crap is getting old. She doesn't even have the Amy Winehouse "I am a totally f*cked up crack head" excuse. Check out this video of her live acoustic performance of Paparazzi. Amazing no?


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