Saturday, August 8, 2009

True Blood v's The Vampire Diaries

I know that there is really no contest. True Blood totally kicks The Vampire Diaries PG rated, pre-pubescent arse. But, very sadly, True Blood cannot continue through the fall so I will need to get my vamp fix somewhere. Will the CW's True Blood lite get me through the long dark winter (or at least until November when New Moon hits the big screen) or will I be stuck with Buffy re-runs again?

From these latest promo pictures, the CW is clearly trying to amp up the dirrty side of this show. It is no Bill Compton crawling out of the dirt and banging Sookie Stackhouse in the graveyard (sigh), but it is a start. Who could say no to the very hawt Iam Somerhalder licking their neck......I have not read the books on which this show is based. All I know is that the lead is supposed to be blond, and that there is a battle for her soul between the "good" and "bad" vampire brothers..... Hmph.. I will give it a shot. Here is the 5 minute promo from the CW Upfronts earlier this year. Again I say Hmph. We shall see.

More importantly however, here are the first shots I have seen of Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann, a character described by series creator Alan Ball as someone “nobody’s ever entirely happy to see. She’s very powerful, capricious and most likely insane.” Her first episode will air on August 30th. I cannot fricking wait. True Blood is getting better and better each episode this season. Love love love it!

PS: I just found out that the amazing Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus on Lost) is married to Carrie Preston, who plays waitress Arlene in True Blood. It is a small, talent filled world!


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