Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eric >>>>>>>Bill

Okay, I haven't talked about True Blood much in the last little bit. No time for recaps in my busy life. But holy mother. Did you watch on Sunday? Oh Eric. How could there be any discussion. Sookie needs to dump the bland and go with the dirrty. Cause Eric is amazing.

Every scene he was in on this episode was amazing. Tricking Sookie into sucking the silver out and then way he had his arms casually folded under his head and that smirk on his face when he was looking down at her while she did it? Sigh.

Then the dream scene. Oy vey. I can't even type the hawtness of this. And at the end when Godric commits vampire suicide and Eric is so broken about it. Amazing.

Sookie needs to wake the f*ck up and go with the badness of Eric. Cause that level of badness would be so f*cking amazing.

And don't forget only one more episode until Evan Rachel Wood makes her appearance as the Vampire Queen Sophie Ann. Want a bet she is the one who takes down that crazy bitch Maryanne?

Here is the incredible Evan in the pages of September's Flaunt Magazine. She has legs to die for. Sigh.


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