Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pap's in the City - Eclipsing Their Down-Time

During the filming of New Moon in the spring, the cast was able to wander around Vancouver relatively unscathed by the paparazzi. None of the big LA agencies had sent photogs to Hollywood-North to try and get shots of the cast out and about in the city. Punk'd images were pretty much the only crew around and they were in pretty tight with Lainey Gossip

This time round however, it is a whole different ball game. At least 2 other agencies are currently in town, hoping to catch a glimpse of stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart "together" - preferably f*cking on the sidewalk, but they will settle for hand holding, making out or even standing next to each other.

Twi-hards everywhere are now faced with a very interesting dilemma. And if I am completely honest, I am a little torn also. While I am interested in seeing photos of the cast and crew enjoying my fabulous city, I feel kinda bad for them that they can't really have any down time while they are here. Yes these photos are an invasion of privacy, but isn't that just the downside of fame? I can keep talking in circles or just admit that I am an asshole for posting these. I can accept that.

Last night, the cast headed to Miku, a fairly new Japanese restaurant in the Business District that I have yet to try out. It is seriously 2 blocks from my office and I think we are working with them on an event in October so I will get to check out their food then. I know they have also been to Cin-Cin which is one of the better Italian restaurants in the city - and has some awesome private rooms. I am sure that will be a big selling feature on any restaurant the cast goes to.

In the Entertainment Weekly article I wrote about the other day, Kristen talked about the "tricks" she uses to escape the paps.... switching cars in underground parking lots etc. Nothing new there, I think many celebrities do it. Thankfully the Hotel they are staying in for Eclipse comes complete with multiple entrances and an underground parkade so hopefully they will be able to get out and about while in the city fairly easily.
I gotta say, Xavier is kinda cute. A little clean-cut, but cute none the less! I will definitely have no problem watching him get seduced by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) and also getting his ass kicked by Seth (?) in Eclipse.

Kings of Leon Concert for me tonight. So f*cking excited. Love them so hard. Added possible bonus: the cast are fans, so you never know! I will be tweeting any fun things so follow follow follow!


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