Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New York Quiveration

I am heading to the East Coast in October. 5 days in Boston catching up with my friend Kazza (also known as Karin) and then 5 days in New York. I am super excited, cause I love New York. I was there for 12 days around this time last year, and I couldn't get enough of it....... the theatre, the shopping, the busy of the city was amazingness to me.

Last time I was there I saw 6 shows on Broadway - RENT (3rd last show on Broadway), Wicked, Legally Blonde, Xanadu, Spring Awakening and Spamalot. Payed full price only for Rent and Wicked - the rest were half price through the TKTS booth. I also saw the Dave Matthews Band at Madison Square Garden. Yea, I did NYC well.......and am still paying it off. eek!

So while I am there this time around, I am super lucky that there will be some outstanding theatre available to me. Nosebleeds seats all around, but I do not care.
First off I will be seeing Jude Law in Hamlet. He has been on the West End in London with this for a while and has been getting rave reviews. I love Shakespeare and Hamlet is definitely one of my faves. I studied it in school and it was one of the plays that I totally "got" ya know? I could immerse myself in it and read it over and over and over again and find new ways to look at scenes. And now I will be seeing Jude Law as Hamlet in NYC! Holy Mother F*cker! Hells yes!
I am also insanely excited that I will be there during the 12 week run of Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig in "A Steady Rain". You may have to pick me up off of the floor - because, sigh. This is a 90 minute 2 man play that sadly doesn't involve any nudity or even making out by the 2 leads. Damn it. Instead it is about 2 Chicago cops who have very differing accounts of a call they answer. It sounds very dark and twisty and I cannot wait!

Here is the first publicity shot released for the A Steady Rain, which apparently just started rehearsals. Gotta say, I am not sure if I am digging Craig's Porn stache, but whatevs! This is gonna be amazingness. I am in the total nosebleeds, but I don't care. To see these 2 on stage is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity! The only thing that would make it better is the aforementioned nudity and/or Hugh Jackman-Daniel Craig make out session.

I am not sure if my loins will be able to handle the quiver in October. I may actually experience an explosion in the loin area due to the quiver.

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