Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brit-Brit's Crappy Ass Weave

I know that Brit-Brit still has to ask Papa-Spears for pocket money. But damn, doncha think any cash squeezed out of daddy dearest should be spent in a salon getting a decent f*cking weave. I mean, srsly. Now I am a white girl who knows nothing about weaves, but I know sh*t when I see it. And this looks like s*it. Check out these photos of her shopping today on Robertson in LA.

Didn't she learn anything from the TCA's? Honestly. Aren't there people she pays to tell her that it looks cheap and dirrty? Gah, I would tell her for free. Who leaves the house with their hair looking like this? I just don't get it. I say - shave it off again Brit-Brit. Crazy ass bald Britney is better than this f*ckery. I also love the multiple changes of clothes during the course of only a few hours. And the lack of a bra. What is with these girls in Hollyweird? I guess she can just ask Daddy for a little lift if the girls start to sag.

I have an idea..... Britney should totally hook up with Joaquin Phoenix. He has the crazy ass beard going on right? Maybe the two of them could hook up and "play" at being crazy together. Except I think that Joaquin would be the only one playing.


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